Dating for marriage


Someone you just met, do you date to love or you love then date?

Do you love the person before dating or you date the person so as to learn to love him/her?


Depends on the person.

Either works for me.

I must be attracted a bit to you tho


Someone u just met? How about u focus on building a companionship first and let other things follow suit. Expectations kill. Just befriend the person,go easy with the flow and see if u want to take it to another level. Why would u even date someone u don’t like. I won’t use the word love cos it is overrated. Love is just one of the spices u add to a relationship, there are other spices u need.


Lots of people fall in love even before dating the person. Then when the sad reality dawns that there are so many points on which they don’t share a commonality and they have to part, they scream heartbreak. Sometimes, na we dey break our own heart.

True love is really based on what you know about someone
Infatuation is based on what you feel.
Crush/lust is based on what you see.


Yes, attraction is very important. But I believe you date someone to love the person, not already head over heels before dating, especially when you just met.


I totally agree with u Judy.


Bro na "Relationship Ecyclopedia u use do ur research :rofl::rofl::rofl:


to me ooo, i was head over heels in love with My Beautiful Queen Omowumi b4 i even asked her to be my Love :grin:


You just met her then?

By “be my love” you mean marry you or date you?


yeah, i just met her den.
it was to date me then but now its marry me


I had initially started dating people with the hopes of learning to love them. While this approach can cause you to settle, it can also leave you with a portfolio of exes.

In my experience, I know that dating is complex and it’s more advisable to date someone you’re beginning to love. Someone you’ve become friends with.


Whichever one anyone prefers, there are a few things you should know.

Things happen
People change
Expectations change
People leave

loving someone before you date them can soften the blow.


I agree with this! Someone you’re friends with already. For you to be friends, you’d have had considerable time together.


Soften or worsen the pain/blow?


Soften actually. Loving them is a decision, and dating them is a more conscious decision. When they start to mess up, it’s easier for you to tolerate.


“When they start to mess up, it’s easier for you to tolerate”

And when there’s a break up, it hurts more because you’ve already been deeply involved. I think


Sometimes, I believe you shouldn’t love too deeply until you date them. If they are worth it…Increase the love, if not…Exit through the FRONT door and give them the last view of your ass.


This is so true actually.

I tell people that dating is complex.


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