Dear Employee, Think Like An Owner

‪The greatest challenge of any startup will not be finance, marketing or sales, it will be having the right talent whose goals align with that of the business.‬

As an entrepreneur grows business over time, there is an increased need to align the mission and goals of the business with the market realities. The real-life experiences from day-to-day activities guide the decisions being made which directly affects the brand, employees as well as the founder(s) of the business. When employees share these experiences alongside the owner, the knowledge and wisdom required to make important decisions are transferred from the mind of the owner to everyone else.

Think Like an Owner indicates that employees of an organisation are responsible for adopting sound judgement in every activity of their work in products, services as well as in representing the brand online and offline. This requires that people value the trust given to them and handle situations like they own part of the business even if they are not directly responsible.

To create this ownership culture companies and entrepreneurs need to ensure;

  • Group decision making: Most times you may have the answers to the decisions but you need to bring in your team in the brainstorming process where everyone gives their opinion. By sharing your thoughts in this manner, they grow to understand why some decisions are made.

  • Transparent management: Inasmuch as some information is very private to the founders and senior management, it is important to share some of them whenever you can, maybe a problem, and how it was resolved, just so it can reinforce the trust in management and inspire them to think alike.

  • Set and communicate goals: When the goals are clear and the roadmap to actualising them is communicated it creates room for your team to become more creative and independent in achieving them.

  • Appreciation: It starts with highlighting and rewarding people who make an attempt to think like owners, use them as a case study to guide your expectations from others.

One of my unpopular opinions is that we have more unemployable young talents than unemployed ones. I am clearly saying this because, in almost every startup, a job seeker can research their challenges and pitching possible ways to help. By doing this for 20 startups within the course of one month you’ll definitely get an interview or possibly a job. I know this because I have proof in my mailbox and DMs.

The problem isn’t really to get the job, the problem is to ensure the growth of the company where you work, thinking beyond your regular job, how to improve processes, fixing problems around you even if it is not tagged as your task.

It is very difficult to have a high degree of credibility within your organisation if you are personally disconnected from what your company does. (Excerpt from Matt Blumberg. “Startup CEO)


Dear @zegisters

Here is an open invitation to join the future Cregital team, people who believe in the profits of hard work, who have big dreams of designing brands and web products for in a fun and rewarding environment. We work really hard and for longer hours too but we have a reputation for giving a 3 week holiday between 15th December and 8th January.

We love to travel and enjoy movies and play video games too. We currently have no need to look for investors as we have built a profitable business for 3 years. We have never owed salaries in the past 35 months except for CEO and the lead business manager (leadership means work). We offer lunch at the office and zero-interest staff loans just in case you need a Macbook or if you need to relocate closer to the office.

We are pivoting the Cregital business to build tech products and I need to ensure that we have the right team for the next stage of growth. Every position is vacant including that of Cofounder. All I need is people who are ready to work in a rewarding environment. Apply from anywhere in the world. I will host an open-house event in April at our office and schedule online chats with selected people to discuss career opportunities.

Join us


I love Cregital.


Me too :love_letter:


Hello @evansakanno

Do you accept interns at cregital?

I am a 300Level Computer Science student of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) and would be open to work as an intern for the next 6months (starting May 2018) , as soon as we roundup this semester.

Cregital is a company I have admired for long and it would be an honour to learn from the great minds there , and to contribute my skills towards making it a better company.

Sadly , I am not a proficient programmer (as one would expect from a computer science major) but I have skills in other areas which I believe would be beneficial to the company.

I have 4years experience in

  • Search Engine Optimization , SEO (this is my strongest point)

  • Using and setting up WordPress CMS

  • Basic website design using WordPress themes

  • WordPress speed optimization

  • Affiliate Marketing

I have advanced knowledge of HTML and I’m 45% good at CSS. I also have basic knowledge of JavaScript and PHP although I haven’t had time to further my skills.

If by any chance you’re accepting interns at Cregital , do let me know , i’ld be happy to send in my application letter.

Kelvin Nduka Ogwu.


Shoot your shot.


Shot has being shot! :grin:


hahah lolz Bro shoot well dont miss target as well


Until i saw this I never knew you own this platform, I also observe use the same forum as Zegist, well nothing spoil

I just applied. I pray I get in. Amen :pray:t4:
Can I share the link to my friends to apply?

Dear @evansakanno, since you have made this an open invite, I will gladly send in mine as well with hope to work with your customer experience team as I have some experience in that line.

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Hello @evansakanno , do you have a non technological vacancy?

Yes, you can.


I would love to be part of the team.

I remember i sent my cv to them for an internship training which am yet to get their feedback.

Am sure this an opportunity for me to showcase what i can offer.

I will be happy once again to join the Cregital Team.

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Follow the link below all your questions will be answered


Boss Evans, I am a big fan of your work and seriously looking forward to working with your team…
Apologies!!.. was viewing via my mobile, so didnt see the full screen…

Application: SENT… Thanks Boss

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Dear @Obim_Mordi , please read :man_facepalming:t4:

Done… had to switch to my PC, so get the full picture…

Thanks for the opportunity…

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How do I submit my application pls?