Dear Employee, Think Like An Owner


I just applied… I pray I get in​:pray::pray:


Hi guys, nice work @akanno
You are setting a new level and standard in work ethics and business. I see cregital becoming as big as Amazon and Alibaba in 10years time and would love to be part of your team. But I have not seen the application portal or link of some sort?


Hello @Hopeman thank you for your kind words, the link is right on this page, but I need it to be just a little discrete so we dont get a storm of applicants. You can find it, trust me.


Thanks boss, lemme troubleshoot & scan the entire web page again


Yes, I have seen it. Thanks


Same here… I pray we both get in.


@evansakanno Wow, this is a great piece of article on work culture. Really insightful stuff you have shared here. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on this topic, really grateful.

Well done Boss!


I just applied too… I hope I get in.
Do I need to send a cv too?


I just somehow included this in a cover letter application I wrote today. Very insightful. Thank you! @evansakanno


All the best.


We have a lot of work to do…


Over 200 applications in 48hours…


This is amazing, thank you. Can people who are not yet ‘experts’ apply too. Is there an opportunity to learn on the job? I’m currently a 400 level Economics student but I’d really love a career in web development. I’m proficient in html5 and 70‰ CSS but I’m learning everyday. Am I eligible to apply too? Thanks again.


I have received feedback from people stating their inabilities to apply at Cregital which we did not primarily ask about your qualification. My dear shoot your shot.

You are guaranteed 0% when you don’t take a chance.
When you take a chance it is either Yes or No. That’s 50%.


Boss @evansakanno I have sent my application. I really hope I’ll get in. Thanks


are you accepting international electrical engineering students?


@Xlutherx we are open to remote work, however there is an element of trust and good communication ethics that is required.

I have no preference for what you study in school. The skills and attitude you bring to the table is what determines your acceptance to the team.


Hello boss @evansakanno happy anniversary
I missed a call last week Wednesday though I called back almost immediately, I was told I would be called again. I have not heard anything, please any update?


Great Article!


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