Dear Nigeria, I'm giving up

@Oluwarufus TBH, I know what you are feeling and it’s needless to say that we are all recipient of this never ending economic and judicial corrupt system. I want to bliv it will get better and changes only happen over a period of time, but their speculation of it happening in 19 years from now goes a long way to tell us that they are not planning to be a part or pioneer of the change.

They should be the pace setters for this change at least every good leader endeavors to leave a legacy better that what their predecessors left them. Then what kind of country or system are we creating for our children and future generations, it will only get worst except we starting at the grassroots start making changes we wish to see.

But if it continues this way, the future is bleak and we will probably not have any value associated with our currency and all past efforts of our past leaders and visionaries would have been in vain.

Nigeria is a dead state, period! I watched detailed documentary about the story of Nigeria. If you watch the documentary, you will be be convinced that there is no hope for our Nation Nigeria. Femi Kuti sang “Africa no get hope” in his song “Sorry, Sorry (for Nigeria)”. Hence, Nigeria is the giant of hopelessness. I wonder which angle @evansakanno is peeping from. How are we improving? Things are getting more worse even as new administration come in.

Nigeria was built on the foundation of corruption right from the advent of the colonial masters, and a bad foundation always ends up disastrous. Corruption is “OUR DNA”. Nigeria is never better for anybody cc @Oluwarufus . The so called elite, the senators and all what’s not go abroad for medical care. How then is Nigeria better for specific individuals?

If there’s going to be any escape, it has to be revolution, a bloody revolution. cc @Bimz @Roger

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Na wa o!.. @Oluwarufus, I feel you man. This year is looking like it’s gonna be a rough one for the country.

Though, I don’t think we are any more corrupt by nature than people in other western countries sha. Our system just has way too many loopholes and leaves enough opportunities for corruption, stealing and other financial crimes. Until we fix this, I believe it’ll be hard to move forward as a nation.


Honestly, until last year if asked me if I wanted to go abroad to seek “greener pastures” I’ll tell you NO! Why? Because I believed in Nigeria, I believed we can work it out, I believed there’s going to be a CHANGE. But right now, reality is beginning to dawn on me CORRUPTION has eaten too deep and has become wired into our DNA. It has become our core. As for me, I have started to nurse an American Dream or European Dream. If my Pastor who was wasn’t doing bad here, relocated his whole family to the UK, and comes every now and then to pastor the church can leave, then who am I? Nigeria, I’m not giving up, I already gave up! @Roger who will lead the revolution ? Will you ? I have accused my Dad and His generation for failing to stand up for us, but will I be heroic enough to sacrifice my blood ? Remember Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq etc are they better now?


As for me I go take cover sharp sharp, if war start now. I still get many years to rock this life wey God don dash me :sunglasses:.

I feel the only revolution Nigeria needs is one of financial transparency. Government budgets, contracts, transactions, and reports all need to be visible and accessible to public.


Meanwhile, make una come see these Dasukites o! A friend of a friend said this should really cost less than 1% of the budgeted cost below… @evansakanno, @Oluwarufus, @Bimz, @Banks, @vividvictor

Are they using a 500-Carat Gold Macbook to update this website? Or are the contractors in Mars, and do they need space shuttles to come to update the website? :flushed:


Chai! The normal guy in me that wants Nigeria to be better is frowning at this ridiculous excessive fraud! However looking at my bank balance, the Nigerian in me wishes I was awarded the contract. Won’t spend 20% of it convincing the public we did our job and deserved the may. We’ll do PR, CSR…donate to plenty charities and even start a Foundation, Awards, Dinners…we’ll even pay tithe and offering…I’ll surely get a Chieftancy title in my Father’s village where I’ve never been to. Davido and the rest will use my name in their songs…Startups will dream to be like me. Seriously this are the kind of ‘miracle’ we are all waiting for in Nigeria…Its our Nigerian Dream! What ya say ? @evansakanno @Oluwarufus @Roger


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Cregital - will design and manage your website for 10 years for a small fraction of that. My question is where are we when these decisions are being made, also isnt there a tech team that vet such budgets?


That’s me there. This kind of project makes me ask myself “what the hell did I come to do in the world”.
Can’t I just be part of the Dev team that will be “updating” the site?

I know we are not here to count bridges sha. Let’s not lose hope @Evansakanno, @Vividvictor, @AkinsanyaJoseph, @Walexblom, @psalm623 @Adeyemi & @Onoja16 …one day we’ll get one of such (maybe when @Ifeanyi_Abraham becomes President)
And when we do…I’m moving straight to the Island and getting a Mercedes Benz…actually two, his & hers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Betttt why? Why are you running away? Where is your patriotic blood? :smile:

But seriously, I’ve got better things to believe in and hope for …than waste my faith on this dead Nation

Now you’re talking! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@evansakanno the tech guy is their cousin, the said amount is going to sink into different pockets; the company whose quote is stated might end up with just a fraction of it. Remember our N50 stamp duty - It’s meant for “oiling” the bank system

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Truth! @walexblom

I agree with you…but can’t you just fantasize about Govt awarding you a project worth 10% of that sum?
C’mon my friend!!! I want you to drive the latest car you know?


What do you think of this?

cc @walexblom @roger @ChiQaH @Bimz @vividvictor @Oluwarufus @Banks


So true… And the government also has a role to play here by applying and enforcing appropriate taxes on those foreign luxuries in order to make local industries competitive, because it’s had to change people’s preference for foreign goods when they are so inexpensive compared to the local alternative.


@Oluwarufus @Roger @evansakanno @Bimz …i feel what y’all said… We need to understand that change is a process and as some of you have rightly put… The problem of Nigeria has eaten into the depths of even the common man, some have suggested a revolution but have you gone down history lane to check what comes after a revolution?? Even our children’s children might still be living the horror and chaos(check French revolution) we need to make drastic changes which will in a short term look like we are going to be the ones heralding the end of the world. I’m not going anywhere tho,because the grass is only greener from your side of the fence you don’t know if the other person is just spray painting theirs.
The Chinese went through hell and back before they got to where they are… I know it seems like we have been to hell but trust me… We never even start. Corruption is one of the key issues amongst many… If we all leave… Who’s going to fix it…
Also we need to understand that fixing the Nigeria situation is not an isolated solution we need a United Africa…


Very true!!!