Dear Nigerian parents, your children shouldn't be your Retirement Plan says A Twitter User

A Twitter user that goes by the handle Mr Boro narrates a story that’s got people rolling in their different reactions.

His tweets

Dear Nigerian parents, your children shouldn’t be your retirement plan. Yours sincerely.

Ok, I think I should do a thread to explain my position better for those who genuinely seek to understand.
I’ll tell the short story of my first cousin and how that changed my mindset on parenting and expectations.

He was the first born, his parents weren’t educated but his father used to say his son will read all the book he couldn’t read.

True to his words, he gave everything to my cousin, he was a farmer, he didn’t send my cousins siblings to school bcos “when their brother hammer e go take care of them”

He sold some of his lands to ensure my cousin was a graduate.

So he graduated from LAUTECH in 2009 and while he was in Uni my dad got him a part time job in WAPCO.

ALL his salary went to his siblings, now this is the norm as that was what his father wanted, but he couldn’t do anything for himself and he was evidently stagnant.

He wasn’t fazed though, after all when he helps his next sibling, that one will get some weight off his shoulders, but what type of job will accelerate such comfort for an uneducated sibling?
So while he was in service he was still sending money to them, he was sound so he was taking about 20 students and making money.

Time to marry, there was a problem, wifey wanted them to live in Lagos, cousin can’t afford, he has load on his neck.
He needed to double his hustle, whatever stress his parents thought education will lift off his shoulders, their reliance on him is making their plans ineffective.

He was not going to be ungrateful though, he kept pushing.

Marriage was eventually cancelled, bride’s wife doubted that he was financially capable enough to marry. He was in his late twenties, my mum told him “you are a man, you still have time.”

After service in 2010, there was no job for a while as my dad had left WAPCO. He switched off his phone for a long time and moved to our house bcos the expectations were too much and he couldn’t keep up.

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The sight of his first tweet has been very controversial on social media.

**I’sn’t the saying, "God that gives children will definitely provide what to take care of the children with"true again?

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His latter explanation made a lot of sense than his initial tweet.

Lol. It’s best to do things in moderation.

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This one is deep …

From his initial tweet to his explanation, it’s lit! making sense bro!! Preach it!

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How about teaching family planning too… Plan d number of children u train independently … Not having a dozen of children and training just one … U would now make d other 11 depend on one … It damn parasitic


I telll you… Very parasitic…

I agree with him when he said alot of first borns wouldn’t grow because all they think about is how to take care of their siblings… I know a few. I thank God for my parents. Like reading this makes me grateful to God for my parents.

They trained every one of us completely and pushed us to the world to pursue our goals and dreams, without relying on anyone… Like i don’t expect my sister to begin to pay or send me any cash… I can plead with her to do that but not “expect her” to carter for all my needs…

Maybe i’m just blessed because some parents might not intentionally want to do put all the burden on their kids but truly they have no money, they are poor and were fortunate to only train just one of their kids or two… So its just normal that the kids support. Only in this case is this acceptable…

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Sincerely… Most of them didn’t practice this.


It really sick … Thank God m d only child sha … Nothing to worry about …




This guy own is even good, The father trained him. My own father was just rearing children and doesnt care whether they went to school or clothe. Its our mother’s business to do that.


Pls can i share one with you. I have 4:sweat_smile:

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Hmmmm We can only learn from them and do better.

That’s why I feel some of their “rules” might not work in our time cos we don’t want to make the same mistake.


Abi… True… but they won’t stop imposing it o…

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