Diaphilia- man with two penises! READ!



So last night i was watching a movie, (2 BROKE GIRLS) and one of the characters in the movie happened to have 2 penises… The funny part of my personality laughed at first, then the my curious part did not rest until i started googling about it… I found out that this is a rare condition where a male is born with two penises and it is called diaphilia.

Mehn I was shocked at the kind of things i saw (Pictures) and read o… I am sorry i cant post the pictures, check the links below

During my course of reading, a man who has this condition was interviewed and he talked about his conditions and how he dealt with his ‘special and unique’ characteristics. He amazingly also wrote two books about himself and his condition. Please read more on Diaphilia:

So here are my questions:

  1. I am interested in reading the guy’s book but i have to buy. Please how can i get the books for free? The titles are DOUBLE STUFFED and DOUBLE HEADER.
  2. Please, for ladies who are celibate and have decided to stay so till marriage, please if they encounter such on their wedding night and they can’t go through with it, is it fair and reasonable to walk out on such marriages?
  3. What are the possible counselling and words of encouragements a psychologist could give to such couple.
  4. As a lady, what is your take on this???

To me, this is a shocking matter…


Aunty @Udy_Inyang had a post on no sex, touching body and kissing before marriage. I think she should come and answer this.

Cut off one.

I’m just trying to picture myself doing touching body with a guy and two things are standin. Ah, issa NO for me o.


Ghen ghen. Let me go read on this as well


I should have taken a cue from this, how can i unsee what i just saw :disappointed_relieved::persevere:


Okay, this is a new one for me!


To think that I was about clicking that link.
Abeg gist us, what did you see?


My dear, don’t go looking for what you didn’t misplace, especially the picture on wikipedia, looks disgusting mehn


Woow!! Like people actually have this problem?
Some people are really through a lot in this life.


Yeah it’s a rare case anyway but no one deserves to have this sort of anomaly


I read the articles. I imagined one would not be relevant/functioning, but the guy said that both are functioning properly and normally. Very weird though.

Things like this ought to have been corrected at a very tender age.


I wonder why they leave it


As in!!!




Please click and read!!!


Yes o. What i cannot imagine is that the second penis will be doing during sex… hisssssshhhhhhhh!!!


Alas !!! :scream::scream:


You’ve imagined it already. :kissing: