Do i Go Ahead And Make This Day My Worst Day in 2018?


Today, the 14th of July,2018, is prolly my most embarrassing day so far. But wait! Why exactly is it meant to be. Dear reader, please be the judge.

I had little or no sleep last night, i stayed trying to restore my phone’s firmware and I literally tarried to get it done. I’m sorry I won’t be enriching any phone technician this week, my bank already called to confirm I’m still alive. You know what that means yeah?

Basically, i tarried and mostly importantly, I succeeded. But then, i have a road trip for today, enroute Lagos from Uyo, but of course, I’m not bothered cos i trust I’d sleep through out my journey, thus ditching the sole aim of a road trip, but what do i care jarey.

It’s 6:30am already and here i am, still disorganized to an extent cause i still had to be sure my phone was working perfectly. Now, i had to rush off to take a bath, and Mr Red is here, i made sure i fixed my pad well on my pant lines, just so I don’t get to apologize to a driver how i had just stained his seat. But then…

I rushed off to get a cab to pick up my luggages, since this is me relocating back to base after my fours years in Uyo for education well fulfilled grins. I paid little or no attention to the any other thing, cos al i wanted was to catch up with the first bus, as i heard they always left really early.

I got to the terminal quite late as I got the information that the first three buses had left and the fourth was the last. I paid for my tickets, and got in. While sitting and waiting for luggages to be well placed, it donned on me that i had a lace undies on. Ewwwwww! Things just got bad. I might either be praying through out my journey, that this flow doesn’t get heavy and mess things up or just start crying now.

I rushed off to the ladies, just then I realized, this guy was heavy already :weary::weary::weary: “Why me, Lord Jesus!”. I changed up just quickly, headed back to the bus, then we moved, as i was the delay already.

Half way into the journey, i was already feeling like i reincarnated as the woman with the issue of blood. Oh boy! It was disastrous. I was just praying I don’t mess the seat up.

Few hours later, the driver pulled over for the passengers to eat. I was hungry but what is hunger when i might just be about to write a whole epistle to a driver, stating how sorry i am, and possibly about to wash someone’s seat. Oh dear Lord, such humiliation.

It was time to come down. I legit stood up in slow motion, dropping my eyes on my seat. Oh heavens! It was stained buh really tiny, I’m beginning to think that was just mind fuckery. I rushed off to the ladies’ again. Upon arrival, i felt like i just dropped a pint of blood. Oh bloody hell! Summary, i was messed up, Mr Red was everywhere.

The question is “Do You believe in Miracles??” How I didn’t stain the seat, I don’t understand. Could this be God?, i thought. But my mind was already too rowdy to even think of the mystery behind not staining the seat. Point is, i rushed off to a place I don’t know, looking for how to get the Blue-Packed Always Ultra Sanitary Pad, and a bathing soap, as I didn’t travel with my soap and the Pink-Packed Always Ultra pad serves for a low flow but since this was heavy, i had to opt for the blue packed one.

I found a place to get the necessary items needed, headed back to where the bus was parked, then called on the driver to come help open the bus so i could get another jean trouser and possibly another undies . Guess what???

He said he was eating and couldn’t leave his food. Ha! How could you? I was pushed into 15 minutes of severe brain disorder. I had to look for a option o, I didn’t want a towncrier-community relationship. I turned around and sighted a fellow passenger, i had to talk to him. He was quite elderly. I bluffed shame and spoke to him. That must have been gross to his ears but mehn, i had to. Then he assured me he was going to plead with the rest of the passengers to give me some time to change up.

Did this just get worse than I envisaged?? How’d I explain I wouldn’t want everyone in the bus to know what the issue was? “Ok, you’d prolly never see these people again, so chin up and wait”, I assured myself.

Finally, the big man was done. He opened the door, i went in and searched for my small box of clothes. I got myself ready to change. Everyone was asking what the issue was when i ran off with the little girl whom her mum asked to go with me in order to assist me hold my stuffs. Few steps away, i heard a male voice saying “she’s stained and needs to change up, you suppose know women things na”. Did that come out wrong?

I got done with my drama episode, came out with the “Hope you are good now” question coming from almost what felt like all the males in the bus . Of course, I couldn’t ignore them, they waited for me to do my thing. One of them even asked if that was why I didn’t eat while everyone went to and what i was going to eat since there wouldn’t be a second stop.

I felt loved for a moment though, but now I’m dying of hunger :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: And i have practically been unable to sleep.

But, Whew! My experience plays out as an embarrassing one but I don’t feel so. My negative side might just be playing mind games. So dear reader, please give your verdict​:grin::blush::slight_smile:️.

Queennette Kay!


My dear, it would have been a lot embarrassing if you got stained and then stained the seat, but thank God you didn’t.

That pink always ultra ehn! It can cause plenty wahala for people with heavy flows.


It ended up not been the worst day in 2018 for you… :wink::innocent:

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The situation was managed, baby. It wasn’t so embarrassing, you know. :wink:

Let me gist you what happened to me in school while in 300level…

It was during exams.
I wasn’t expecting my monthly visitor so soon(so I thought). I wore a light pink skirt, and a long sleeveless black shirt to go write my exam that day. After writing, I submitted my answer booklet and stepped outside. I didn’t go home immediately(I guess I was probably waiting for my friend to submit and come out). Long story short, my skirt was stained and I didn’t know, till a coursemate of mine finished writing and then whispered to me that I was stained. See my life outside :ok_woman::ok_woman::ok_woman::ok_woman:

No be small stain o… I never expererit! :cry:

At that point, I remembered I was actually wearing a long shirt that could pass for a mini gown. I pulled up my skirt, but I wasn’t so comfortable with the mini gown because it was really mini, like mini (Uniben security can
embarrass you because of that kind of mini, but I had no choice because my skirt was stained) :joy::joy:

Well, my lodge was quite far from school(e get why…my peace of mind from the wahala of Ekosodin is very important to me)… I followed my friend home because she lived closer to school than I did. When I got to her house, I washed the stained part on my skirt, hung it to dry for a while, ironed it, wore it back and went home.

End of story. Shit happens but nothing spoil. :wink:


Hahahah… I’d legit cry if i ever get to this your level. I can’t help but imagine how you must have felt that day.

This guy we call Mr Red the monthly visitor ehhnnn… We all have our stories o, kai!

Thanks for sharing dearie. muah

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Yes dear… Apparently!

Thanks for your comment.

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:joy: i tell you. God knows I’m a cry baby, he had to stop that from happening that day.



Lol… Cry cry baby. I just did what I had to do to remedy the situation, crying won’t have solved anything.

Crying only add to health issues

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Lol… Doctor Francis has spoken.

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Doctor Bawo?:grin:

My pleasure.

You just didn’t know how to remove heat stain. There are a lot of good methods like iron or toothpaste.