Do I Have To Change My Name As a New Convert Of Christianity


My name is Rasheedat
I got the shocking news of my life last Sunday, even though I’ve refuse to believe it, cos I’m sure things can’t be that bad.

I’m from a Muslim background, let’s just say was born into Islam, I grew up and found Christ and so far it’s been the best encounter I’ve had. Last week Sunday, a sister in the church called me aside and said she wanted to see me after church.

I didn’t bother pondering about what she might want to see me for as I felt it was going to be about joining church workers which I’ve been giving considerable thought.

Service was over and I was in the most annoying conversation with this sister, I just couldn’t believe my ears. She was like have I given my life to Christ yet? I said yes, then she move on to saying, have I ever considered changing my name (because anyone that hears it will simply conclude I’m a Muslim). I asked if that was necessary and she relied with very necessary o, she went on and on this issue of changing of name to suite my new faith. She gave examples of Abhram to Abraham and Soul-Paul.

Now my conscience doesn’t agree with this. Why do I have to change my name to suite my new found faith? is this even in line with God’s will? is it a thing in Christianity?


You do not have to change your name. I am sure your name has a meaning which is a good meaning. Until you feel lead to do so, don’t listen to no one on this matter. Bear your name with so much boldness and enjoy your walk with Christ. Me that like the name Rasheedat cef​:grin::grin::grin::grin:
I know of a sister with the same name and attend my church and from a Muslim background. That has not affect her Christian walk in anyway.


They have started again o, All these sisters that won’t finish reading their bible, thinking they have the right to instruct a convert!! Abeg, sis don’t mind her. Until you get a conviction from deep within via the Holy Spirit, don’t change any name. Abeg, Was it not God that gave Abraham the name and Israel? Tell the sister in church that When God gives you a new name, she will hear of it!! :triumph::triumph::triumph:


This is the right answer for that sister. Don’t let her pollute your mind.


Well, it doesn’t change anything about you… If you feel like, you can change it… except it has a negative meaning. If not, no one has the right to try to talk you into changing your name…


No, you don’t necessarily have to change your name.

1 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

It’s not in the change of name. It’s in the change of family and DNA that has occurred. I hope you know that if you really want a Christian name, you will have to change your name to something Jewish.

Yoruba names aren’t even Christian. they are just cultural. Yorubas don’t recognize Jesus as Oluwa. Stay woke fam!


Iceland has a naming committee. A parent must send the names they intend to give their newborns. If it contains a non-icelandic alphabet or does not promote Icelandic culture, such a name is truncated by the committee. This national craze with names and other forms of craze would often invoke the question What is in a name??? A name describes, refers, connotes and denotes. The name “mama Buhari” denotes someone who is the mother of Buhari. The Igbo name Ozoemena describes a traumatic past and denotes the wishes that it does repeat.

Abram was a pagan name describing whatever it did. But God changed it to Abraham which describes father of all nations. God changed his name and it was a change nonetheless. you may change your name

Objection: A similar controversy existed among early Christians regarding genital circumsicion. Go and read the passage Rasheedat. @ruthameh125, what inference do you draw from St Paul’s conclusion on that issue??

Objection: When God changed Abram to Abraham, the former was a pagan’s name. But Islam is also an Abrahamic religion. Ishmael was Isaac’s elder half-brother. So who is that sister again? Tell her to see me in my private jet

I conclude that it is written that those who will worship God should worship him in spirit and in truth. Salvation does not even come from names! If on the last day, God decides to save names, he will save the name of Abraham first, and then Hagar. You may keep your name
To change or to keep, don’t be lost in between. Maybe adopt a christian name like Rasheedat-Christy or something.


Half baked church goers who pose as Christians, they don’t read the bible but are quick to be the mouth piece of God. My sister any church that tells you to change your name is not of God. RUN AWAY FAST




Talking of Abhram and Soul, their names were changed by God and weren’t persuaded by man which mean only God has the right to change someone’s name. Only faith that makes the difference, sister or a believer.