Do men really beat their wives by accident?


My dear @Judy, I quite agree with your view

But this marry-your-best-friend thingy??? :grimacing: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:


Ok let me make rephrase it cos things of the heart are very complicated. The heart wants what it wants even when it’s wrong. So “make a best friend out d person u fall in love with”. :slight_smile:


Sex ke really sex that u’ll get and b tired of and if she wake go the next guy no go give sex abeg its more than that
My aunt dated a guy from secondary sch till university graduated and got a job and was still with him even though she was warned tay marriage to him would b hell she said. Where would she ho at dis age? Would she hav to start again? Theyve been together for too long ? She married him and my God when I see her it brings tears to my eyes he beats her like his next breathe depends on it
Even wen she’s down he’s still hitting
There r no words to describe it
All she needed to do was walk away
When we r in love we never see clearly truly wat our partners are capable of put the person standing outside looking in telling u to run might just b seeing more than u r
Cuz they r not inlove Truth b told love alone does not kip a union


I really wonder at the kind of satisfaction/fulfilment one gets by beating the spouse…anyways I know that some women could be so annoying and intolerable and this goes for some men too…why not resolve the issue that led to the ill behaviour quietly than exercise your muscles on him/her …Women sef, u no say u no get strength still u dey waka up and down dey look for trouble. O ga-akunu gi ihe tinker na-aku efere…still ihe na-ebe kakwa na-ebe.


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you should totally read this and give your opinion.


Define accident. If accident is losing control if your reaction to something that angers you, then I guess some, not all, domestic abuse aren’t premeditated.

Also, a man would not react the same way to his employer for example because he’s aware of the consequences if that happens. This is all subconscious really, a wife is the one person that knows who you truly are, she’s seen your deepest darkest habits so they know they are in charge at home unlike the office.

The difference is that’s unlike most women, men tend to have a naturally physical reaction when angered. I could never defend domestic abuse though but you’ll be surprised to find its guys you think are incapable of hitting their lady that actually commit the deed.


Yeah… Not a bit…




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Sorry…please update this story…

Did they eventually get married??


I seriously don’t know why…


Ladies should know when to walk away… Simple!!

Feelings do not keep relationships/ marriage…
Love doesn’t…
Romance too… They do not keep or cannot hold a relationship together… Common sense does…

Stop trying to fix or change anyone… Ladies make this mistake alot… They just assume He would change when we get married… totally wrong…


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I second dat …


There’s nothing like beating by accident.
However, some men could be suffering from a mental condition that causes them to be violent. In such cases, medical attention is required.


Now adays love is blind dey say … So d females cant see it:grin:


:joy: Accident ke? I believe before you eventually carry out the deed of beating a person which we would call the Climax of the event, there is usually a prelude and build up to it. The exchange of words, the boiling anger, the inability to respond and the increased ability to react. My fellow scientist, in such experiment as the aboved; we can say that as we move from one point to the other threshold, we are fully aware consciously and subconsciously!!

I agree that all ladies can talk and push you to the edge which is a gift that if converted well can help make the man a better person. Permit me to digress using the case of the Samaritan woman who is a typical amebo but became an evangelist and won the whole town single-handedly BUT every man should also learn to take responsibility which was the main reason Adam was asked to leave Eden.

In conclusion, accident is what you have no control over but this beating; you have the remote control with new batteries working even if you are under the use of Almighty Oshogbo weed. That said, No one beats anyone by accident… It’s like saying we eat by accident or your teacher flogged you in school by accident.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hmmm…this is complicated.

I believe a man can hit his wife by accident. I did not say beating or battering. A slap could be accidental but mehn…that means he does not love his wife anymore.

You know how you don’t like someone and everything they do really irritates you, meanwhile if someone you like does it, you will overlook it.

As much as our parents can be very annoying, especially mothers, please do we beat our mother accidentally? lol



Hell no… Beat your Mother ke…

You will be buried by accident :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah…true…[quote=“Aje, post:37, topic:1818”]
In conclusion, accident is what you have no control over but this beating; you have the remote control with new batteries working even if you are under the use of Almighty Oshogbo weed. Th

Very true…