Do men really beat their wives by accident?


True power is being in total control of urself even when pushed to d extreme. I have observed and realised this.
A man doesn’t have to hit a woman to even prove a point to her or show he’s d man. Yes I know some women can be so provocating,nagging and tend to bring out d beast in a man. But hitting her won’t set her right either.
So I don’t believe in hitting by accident.


Yeah… Right!!

This applies to everyone…


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Not an inch reduced or added…


I don’t see why any man will accidentally hit his wife. What happened to ‘accidentally’ picking 2 or 3 shirts and giving her space for a few days instead of ‘accidentally’ hitting her (if her offence is so grievous). Admittedly, some women can behave as though they are possessed by a legion of demons (I’m not ruling out men behaving in similar manner) but for the topic of discussion, there are numerous ways to ‘correct’ and ‘bend’ a woman if she’s becoming grossly deviant from who you used to know her to be. Accidental hitting, beating, smacking, slapping or what have you is a NO for me. #myopinion

P.S: Why not save yourself the stress by marrying someone you can tolerate their extremities. No be by force to marry African queen wey you no fit tolerate. If men won’t see their wives as trophies, a necessary evil and/or just their sex/food vendors but as true reflections of themselves, the home front won’t be characterized with such violent narratives


This is spot on


True Omotayo… Very true…


It’s actually a sad thing in our homes, but let’s not just talk about the man’s part and shun the lady’s. I am not in any way supporting the act, no! Some ladies have bad attitudes that can easily “CHANGE” their man from being the cool husband he used to be to a no nonsense stranger because of his wife’s attitude. I stand to be corrected though.


No denying that…

But Is it that easy for a woman to change her man??


It depends on what you mean Dear Pretyprexy. Change as in what aspect?


Change from a good dude to a bad one!!!


Hmm. No matter how hard a guy tries to calm himself, with a troublesome wife? He can become the devil himself juz to maintain order. But e bad sha!


Is this true???

Guys please confirm…

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Keyword “Can” doesn’t mean every guy is capable of turning into that, some of us have extra length of the ‘Tolerance’ material and just walk away when issues are way overboard.


Great observation of the word “can”.


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