Do men really beat their wives by accident?


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You can still marry your best friend and he turns into a violent person after marriage. I don’t think marrying your best friend is a solution. It’s good to marry your best friend but that doesn’t mean the marriage will be perfect


Long post alert!I think some men beat their wives by accident when under intense influence(i see it in foreign movies) and later changes when he gets help.
Reality: I cannot for the life of me see a good enough reason for a man to hit, beat his wife. Is she a punching bag? And this same man will/ cannot fight a man like him on the road. People say after God fear a woman, because when you accidentally beat her, you will accidentally eat ‘otapiapia’ in your food. It’s surprising that the man will want sex after beating the woman, ah uncle is only you that waka come o.
We ladies do not help matters sha, our words and actions are sometimes acid on the skin, BUT IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO HIT HER.
There are a lot of reasons why a lady will accept ill treatment from a guy.

the girlio wants to marry fast fast, you will hear all men are the same, it rains everywhere, so what should acid rain fall on me because I want to marry.

the way she was raised, some mothers raise their daughters to think their lives revolves around a man. So the girl lacks confidence to express herself, the guy misses an appointment with her, she raises the issue, she becomes a nag, she then thinks about what her mother told her and she becomes the mouse in the house. Or because she is fat, she thinks no man will like her. Ah! Sister of the Lord how low can you get.

Personal stuff: prior to when this women awareness became very popular, I never thought a man had the right to ill treat me. My first boyfriend playfully slapped me one time, I just jejely playfull slapped him back. 1-1 na draw. When I am in a relationship, I do not tell a guy I don’t appreciate being hit or the likes, cos I want to know how he will react in situations, but no man has ever raised his hand to me. It true the hear knows what it wants, but I cannot because of love not have sense.
The day a man hits me, I am out.


True. Not disputing that. People change for different reasons. But honestly from my view if you marry your friend, your real friend oh, you both wouldn’t wanna do things to hurt each other no matter how pushed to the wall you get.
I know what it feels like to befriend the person whom you want to end up with. I have a close friend, in all our years of friendship we’ve never had any major misunderstanding and when we were about to…the mutual love, bond and respect we had for each other was the first priority.
That is what u call friendship and not all these superficial things we call friendship these days.



Some men accidentally abuse their wives. A violent reaction to something she said for example, there are several issues that motivates a man to abuse his wife; cultural issues like when a wife is less submissive to her husband, the man’s upbringing, etc.

In the end, its wrong to prey on the weak, I pray domestic abuse victims get justice.




For an accident to occur, there is first the influence of Actions then Reactions! She insults him (action), he slaps her (reaction). You can’t control the other person’s action but you OWN your reaction. Please OWN it.


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I don’t think men beat up their wives by mistake, though some r bn pushed to d extreme by their wives, but it still doesn’t call for a man beating up his woman. The best a man should do in d heat of anger, is to just walk away from whatever the situation is in order to prevent story dat touches d heart. We women talks alot n can most times be annoying, but a real man will still control his temper n walk away instead of unleashing d dragon on the wife.


What about if the woman is the first to raise her hand to slap the man?

Truth is, Women need to be taught to respect their men too and never ever think of trying to raise their hand to hit their man.


Why would a woman even raise her hands to hit her man sef? I still can’t wrap my head around it really. When silent treatment is enough killer.


It happens alot of time o… Very irritating attitude.


Trust me, my woman did that to me and it was so so… annoying!..