Do you really want a better Nigeria?


She just got beaten up into a pulp, her left eye was totally closed, swollen and black, it was the second time this week, she wanted to cry but the tears hurt her eyes, so she stood there in front of the mirror looking at her face which no longer bear any resemblance to her before this marriage, this marriage that has taken so much from her, her friends have told her to leave the marriage, but what if she can’t find the right man, what if? What ifs?
Nigerians are just like this woman, beaten up for years that they gotten so used to pain, I got into an argument with my peers which ended so quickly, when I made a bitter revelation, and that was Nigerians don’t want the change they so scream about, the better life is in america or somewhere in Europe, Never here, it can’t be in Nigeria, If I get my visa, its "hello better life ", Nigerians only complain and fantasize.
The 2019 elections are coming soon and I won’t be the beaten up woman, I would break away from this marriage to pain, I know I don’t know what is out there for me, but I will never know if sit here and get killed hoping he would change, he won’t change, he can never change, you know it and everyone knows it. Nigeria needs to be reborn, give powers to new players who know nothing about the previous game or its players, they would play the game differently,
My old man once told about how amazed he was, as a child when he entered a steam train, the sound of the train running against its tracks, the blaring of the train’s horn,all of this fascinated my dad, but not me, I am fascinated by the new IPhone or ever owning a power bike, my father would love to drive a train one day and remember his peaceful and joyful childhood as he rode the train to school, but I would ride the same train wondering the whole journey why he is so happy and if I could use this opportunity to get money from him to get the IPhone I dream of owning, Alll i am trying to say is nigeria needs to vote someone new to the system, so he will approach nigeria’s problem with a new perspective not encouraging recycled leaders, who still want to ride the train when the world is busy playing in flying cars.


This would work if Nigeria wasn’t a feudal state masking as a democracy.

Great write up.


Are you planning to leave or stay and work to make Nigeria better?


True very True, but can we at least test this assumption that Nigeria is a feudal state by actually voting against the old heads in powers.


Yes of course I want work on my nation, but one can only try as much as they are gifted to


Yes but men with a more permanent interest in the country may beg to differ. In the end, only people of means and power can influence the current situation.

The people with a monopoly on violence run the country, their monopoly must be confronted and met with enough fire and fury that they surrender before the first shots are fired.


I completely understand, don’t let Nigeria constrict you but don’t give up on her either. Best of luck!


And by the way, this logic is what Kanye West applied when he said slavery was a choice :thinking: