Do you think a pregnant woman should hide her pregnancy?

There’s a story on instablog9ja Instagram page of a lady who died during childbirth. A picture was posted of her bridal shower where her friends were seen putting their hand on her bump

She also announced her due date. People believe that she died because she did baby shower, allowed her friends to touch her tummy and announced her due date.

Some others feel she died because of poor health care system. One woman said she hid her pregnancy but almost died while trying to give birth. So it’s not about hiding.

What do you think? Do you believe that pregnant women should hide their pregnancy? Do you think that pregnant women should stop posting baby bump pictures and doing baby showers? Do you think that pregnant women should hide their due dates? Do you believe these are just superstitious beliefs?

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I know there are wicked people who are not happy that you are happy. But how long can you hide? Won’t the pregnant woman go to work, church or market? Assuming she has neighbours, Won’t they see the baby bump?

Why is it that this so called witchcraft works only in Nigeria/Africa? People abroad publicly announce that they are pregnant and even reveal the gender and due date. Some even share the ultrasound of the baby and give regular updates yet these women give birth safely. Why didn’t the witches and wicked people harm them?

Then there are people who hide their pregnancies and still have miscarriages, still birth, difficult labour or die at birth.


I’m not comfortable with people touching the baby bump anyhow but I see nothing wrong with baby shower. You mustn’t post it on social media. It can be just few close friends and family where they gather to pray for the unborn baby and mother-to-be, share advice to her, encourage her and give her gifts

To those who believe a pregnant woman should hide her pregnancy until after delivery, don’t they think that the so called witches can still kill them or the baby after delivery? Won’t they do naming ceremony or child dedication? Won’t they do one year birthday? Or they will also hide and do that one? Won’t the child go to school? Can’t the child be attacked in the school? Even in church, is it everybody that is happy that she is pregnant? Does it mean she will stop going to church until she gives birth? After delivery, won’t she take the child to church?

I just got to know about this concept recently. Truth is, you really can’t hide pregnancy. If witches were witches and all spiritual and stuff then they would know that you are pregnant. I think people subject themselves to these things and thats how it affects them. Otherwise, have faith in God for safe delivery and get good healthcare.


Let your moderation be known to all men!! We do need to avoid the snare of the social media, nevertheless, It could be coincidence, negligence on the medical side, fate. Shit happens!

And it could be the Village people dialed her but i’m sure that is just people’s imagination


I am sure the “hide” here refers to ’ social media , cos you can’t hide pregnancy for that long except you don’t have plans of leaving your house for 9months which is not possible.

Our mothers kick against these things cos of their spiritual background.

To me, pictures are no biggie. What of people that hide it well and something still goes WRONG?
Like @evansakanno said I would like to think “witches” that really have time for their ‘subject’ locate them no matter how much they hide.

I can’t share my due date cos I consider it a very personal information not for spiritual reasons.

No I don’t believe in these superstitious beliefs cos I believe “it is GOD that protects” not all the hiding or planning…


Like i told someone yesterday when i saw this, its not the effect of the social media people that is chasing her…Its just what it is.

I don’t subscribe to people touching my belly even now that there’s no baby in it so i doubt i would not even allow that when i’m pregnant…

About posting on social media, its personal. If you believe people will chase you if you do, then don’t put it up… Its no biggie. I am not too sure if i won’t post pictures yet because i would be an active working class mum and would definitely be found on TV and events so i know i won’t be able to hide it… My midset is not thinking of witches… I will keep on going with my life.


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