Does age really matter in relationship/marriage?


Does age really matter in marriage?

Age difference is one issue that comes up in relationships. Should age be a defining factor for intending couples?


Love ,understanding and trust should only be the defining factors for intending couples.
Maturity they say is of the mind ,age is just some numbers.
Even with experiences in relationships , some marriages don’t hold up .
So the way I see it,it’s team work between both partners and how matured in mind they are to handle their relationship .


nice one brownscure


You’re so right @brownsucre but we must not forget we’re in Africa where age matters as a great deal.I know a young lady that shared stories of her relationships with me,she said she had to call off her first relationship when she found out her boyfriend was younger than her.In the western world it wouldn’t matter, just as a young bloke like me could marry a 45 year old and nobody grumbles,try it in Africa your parents won’t attend your wedding. :grinning:




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I dont see the place of age in a relationship, what matters is maturity as i have seen old people behave worse than children. Once the two understand each other then it doesnt matter how old they are.


Sure age is jst a figure but love is life. so age does not matter in a relationship