Does anyone speak/write Arabic here?


Hi all. I am hoping to interact with someone who understands the Arabic language.

I started learning about 2 months ago, now I can read without the vowels. I memorize an average of 10 words per week, it’s easier to read text when you know the meaning of the words.

I have written on paper, now I’m looking to try digital. Reading and writing text online. I will be posting the summary of what I learnt during the week here, and if you (person that understands the language) don’t mind, you can correct my mistakes or give me more tips.

If you are aiming to learn the language, and you haven’t had time, then follow me on this journey as we learn together.

I hope Discourse supports Arabic language text formatting :exploding_head:.

By the way, this is what my Keyboard looks like. I am using the Saudi Arabia Keyboard 101. You can follow this tutorial to set up yours too.screen-1

Let’s test this.

The boy - al waladu - الؤلد

:sunglasses: From my end, I think that was great. It came out right.:crazy_face:


I am not sure if the ء on that و should be there :zipper_mouth_face:. I will have to check.

It’s weird writing two languages with different formatting, English is left to right and Arabic is right to left. One minute you are reading forward, the next you are checking backward.

And this keyboard thinks I am an expert already, it doesn’t even add vowels symbols :roll_eyes:.


Okay, the ء isn’t supposed to be on the و.

The problem came from my keyboard, it has two و,ؤ . So you have to be sure which of them you are using for the word you intend to write.



Just for reference, the correct spelling of -the boy- in Arabic should be الولد.


Hi @Mustopha please can you teach an Arabic class here ?



@habeebsanni understands Arabic and can also write it.


Yes, I’m thinking of starting a series called “Arabic for English Speakers.” One lesson per week.

Let’s see how things come up over the weekend.


Thanks @Yeye. Hello @habeebsanni , do you mind contributing to this.


Great. Thanks. I’ll join the class. You can start the thread when your ready.


I Speak, Read and Writes in Arabic.




Ah mogbe…I said I can recite it, and I can write it.

“understand” ke?! :man_facepalming:t4:


I am loving the way things are panning out. @habeebsanni you’re still a boss. You will teach your boys something.

@KolapoImam that’s great, do have text/resources/materials you can share? And do you mind if we meet, online/offline doesn’t matter. I will like to converse with someone other than my teacher. The best way to learn a new language is to use it in conversations.

A clan is forming, lesson one is in view. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Lol,. If you can recite and write, you understand it to some extent then


We’ll talk about the materials later and I will share everything I can with you.



Arabic For English Speakers #LessonZero

Guys, I think it is happening. I wrote the first post of Arabic for English Speakers. Check it out. Link.


I can converse in Arabic, averagely. I can teach three Arabic subjects: Nahwu, Sarf, and Tajweed.


That’s is really great. I will open a new thread, and you can teach me some tricks.

Have you checked out the classes I am taking here # ArabicForEnglishSpeaker? What do you think of it?