Does Being Strict On Children Help Them Turn Out successful?

Some school of thoughts are of the opinion that children are more likely to grow into well-adjusted adults if their parents are firm disciplinarians or academics.


There’s is a believe that strict parents have more successful children.
Many say there’re no manual to how a child can be brought up or nurtured to turn out good in life.

there’s a study that shows that first born children come out better, smarter and on the long run become successful in life all cos their parents were hard on them.

Does being strict on kids help them become successful and turn out well?

Kindly share your thoughts.


Well… There is no 2 way to these… Handle them with love first and discipline. You do not have to be strict before you can be sure your kids will turn out great.

Sometimes, kids get worse knowing all you would do is just flog, flog and flog… Teach them common sense and discipline when needed.


It depends on the child really. Some kids are naturally free spirited, restricting their movement and other strict stuff may be impeding on their creativity. I’d say the only general consensus to raising successful kids is a good example. Kids learn by example faster.


:+1:t6: Yeah you’re right… Kids learn by example faster than anyone else…