Don't "look" healthy, "Be" healthy

Yesterday, a friend of mine came into the office looking sober , it was quite obvious he was not in happy mood - he just lost a very close friend who “looked” healthy until he
slept but couldn’t wake up from sleep yesterday. unfortunately the late friend just got married last year November.
The hustle is real especially in a place like Lagos, many wake up very early (as early as 3.00am), dash to work and get home late (11.00pm every day for some). A lot of us do not pay attention to our health.

Go for Medical checkr up regularly, especially knowing your blood pressure, blood sugar level, lipid level

Don’t be deceived by your physique - “I look good”, “See my flat tummy”, “I am not fat”. You need to eat right, exercise, rest and go for a check up regularly.
Don’t “look” healthy, “Be” healthy.


Chaiii :cry:

Started this early this year, I cannot keeh myself by myself

I actually do look good :yum:

I have a flat tummy :heart_eyes:

I’m not fat, I’m slim and sexy :wink:



You are a case :rofl::rofl:

Yes, you are slim and sexy, you look good and you have a flat tummy.

Let me give you your accolades!


Thanks for this.

I will work on this. I’m fond of self medication because I don’t like the idea of going to the hospital. I will be more intentional about my health.


I deserve some accolades :grin:


Issalie. Your stomach is very big sef. Lemme run away.

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You mean Yokosuna Size yeah???

Hmmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

This is how they indirectly ask to see the tummy :rofl::yum:

I’m bigger than he is sef


Have you been consistent with it??

Well Well, I didn’t say anything. He hehehehe


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Clap for yourself. Good gerl. I owe you one biscuit.

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@Monique and @Hrmkaiye get a room, please.

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@Monique :woman_facepalming:t4: Come and show us the flat tummy :no_good_woman:t4:‍♀️


To do what?

Come to my house and see

FACT only…
You know you are bae sha

What I told myself this year…:grin:

I’m going now for healthy stuff too. I visited Anaconda Cosmica Healing Center in Peru half a year ago. Had some healing procedures and rest. It was a great trip. Do you like traveling too? In my mind, it’s great for your mind and body.