Drop a Voice Note


Hi guys!

So I wanna know what y’all sound like so lets converse on voice note. This is my voice, next person reply my message and then the person after you will reply your message and so on.

If you are on iPhone, use the Voice Memos App, share it to a trusted contact on your whatsapp then download it on whats app desktop and upload on here, its a long process lool if you have a better method, feel free.

Can’t wait!

@Aje @pretyprexy @Yeye @Judy @Bamidele_Abodunrin @Aniekan @iamtosyne @evansakanno @Anita_Ejimkonye @Opetunde @yvonne @Oluwarufus @oluwakemisola @ChiQaH @fola @jasmine @Zolozai @Udy_Inyang @Valkyr @abnetz @theunofficialomotayo @W.O @iamweird @Debbie @ayoola @Drew08 & everybody else.


Bros, after no makeup photo, it is now voice note. E hard reach this one? :joy:


no be small matter my brother :joy::joy:


I hope you find what you are looking for ooo :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: let me add AMEN for you…


Thank you @Drew08

I hope you’ll drop a voice note.


Oya let’s end this topic now @NaijaLander


I think I’ll go with garri.

Garri is to me what ice-cream is for some women.

I love my garri without sugar and or milk too.

If you don’t wanna drop a voice note, its fine @Judy, I really want you to though, please do :smiley:

@Drew08 I would really love for you drop a voice note but its fine if you don’t.


If I’m taking this combo then I don’t need milk or sugar in my garri. All I need is chilled water and ice cubes.


and you’ll mess up the toilet after finish the moi-moi, I know I would.


@Ms_aijohi @Mopelola_Ariyo @Peacehoney


Lol!! Ur way of reasoning is sometimes questionable. Don’t we all mess up the toilet? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


yeah we do. don’t distract me from the objective. reply my voice note.


You never see distraction. Wait for it.
@Aniekan will start crying about being A+


Lol…wrong number. Drop yours first.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You heard her @Valkyr

@theunofficialomotayo so what’s up, reply me?


Serious wife hunting or na window shopping


Maybe when you tell me the number of station inside of you, I will consider doing the voice note :joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Abi o…


This is a cool thread… I’ll send mine later…

Not because i want to enter @NaijaLander 's list o but i just think this is quite cool and fun and we can all try it…

@NaijaLander i pray you find your wife… :grinning:


Lol are those chirping crickets in the background?