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Zegist.com is a social community where you get paid for sharing stories that matter to you. You can make new friends, discuss your opinions openly or anonymously and enjoy open conversations. With about 5 million page views and over 3000 members, we have shared over 5000 stories on relationships, lifestyle, business, faith and other areas and the best part are the anonymous stories. Join us as we now pay users for writing and sharing great content.

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If you write well or have a knack for starting up interesting conversations online, you can get paid every month for creating the most engaging topics on zegist. Zegist rewards people who post the most interactive stories (Top Author) and share content on social media (Top Influencer). These rewards are granted on the last day of every month and winners receive ₦10,000, ₦7,000 and ₦3,000 or $30, $20 and $10 for international members.

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Need extra income outside your 9 to 5? On zegist, you’ve got freedom and flexibility to write whenever you have the time so it actually feels like you are being paid to be on a social network.

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We like to keep it social and fun on zegist. Our goal is to encourage everyday people to write compelling stories others can learn from and earn residual income from making contributions online.

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How do i make money?
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Zegist Rewards


I am unable to share to WhatsApp @evansakanno


Just copy the link and share there. We are rebuilding that functionality. Thanks for sharing


Ooh, alright… Keep up the great work


ok cool


I don’t know what to do on this site
Or even how to make money with it


Yah i too don’t understand how it pays


It’s an awesome program. You come up with a great idea to make people social and earn a income too, Thumbs up


How do I check my earnings??


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