Embarrassing Moments


I can swear there were times you wanted the earth to open up. and swallow you whole because of one or two things you said or did…lol. Come on in and share in the laughter and fun with us. Don’t worry your secret is safe . Lol.

There was a time I liked this very cute dude. I would see in in church every Sunday. One day I got the courage to introduce myself. The conversation was going well and we were getting into each other. Someone called my name, when I turned it was my very strict and annoying Pharmacology lecturer. Then he said “I see you have met my son” … I skipped his classes until the end of the semester.


:joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:…Real Wash


@Ayeesha99, I don’t see this as embarrassing though( what your lecturer said)


Hmmm… I remember when I was in school… I just left the basket ball court, so tired … So I went this variety shop beside the gym to get water, lot of people there already, while I was trying to squeeze myself through one pretty faced girl just accidentally hit ( not really hit, looks like she felt it up) my MainMan-- I was hey! That’s the production site and am still young, the most embarrassing part of it was that, the dude was flaccid when she hit it


So you would have been less embarrassed if the dude was hard? :joy:


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:… You know… Am sllim and lil bit tall, I don’t wanna be looked at like hmmm… Hmmm bros…
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