Everything that happened at TechFest Yesterday


The biggest tech event of this year is currently going on. If you haven’t been following the details, then here is a recap.

Day 1 : Everything That Happened At TechFest 2018


Is it Tech Fest or Feminism Fest ?


I Taya ooo


I don’t know what to say o


I decided to go through the link and a phrase caught my eye “it was unlike typical Nigerians, many arrived early.” Wow!!


@Aje the phrase wey catch my eye na this

"It was an all mens’ affair. On the panel were E Aboyeji of Flutterwave, the host of the day and C.E.O of Diamond Bank Uzoma Dozie. Chika Uwazie of EnterFive"

so ha ruu there ga gbaba gender war


:joy::joy::joy::joy: izzit not true. Nigerians are habitual late comers with lackadaisical attitude to serious work. Nigeria is dead!


:joy::joy: leave it to the feminist to turn tech into a gender issue. But really no one is stopping women from exploring tech. My fav tech students are women Cc @Angie & @Kachie


My bad. I must have slipped in the vernacular mindlessly.

… as if technology get penis and vagina


There is gender bias in the tech industry but I think it’s because women don’t show any interest in tech. Most women would rather pass off an opportunity to earn graphic designing just so some dude toasting them can help them do the work.




why are we discussing women on this thread.

I’m tired of talking about women ! @Zegist begins and ends with women!


:tired_face::tired_face::thinking::thinking: Naaa, not all the time. Maybe because they are… Now i am not going to talk about them. :triumph::triumph::rofl::rofl:




I haven’t noticed that o.

But let us not talk about it :smile:


I literally LOL… You know you thought “it”, and you almost wrote “it” :yum:


Hmm. I’m taking this your compliment with a grain of salt😂


Yes, you are absolutely right! :rofl::rofl:


What happened at TechFest yesterday @Mustopha


Is this quote pidgin or some local dialect mixed with English? I have been trying to read it but it doesn’t seem to click.