EXCLUSIVE: Conversation Between Me and My X in Ajegunle


Hi everyone!!! I do miss you all.

I get gist oooo…

Hmmm… So back when I was in primary school, I had this girlfriend…I was living in orile and she lives in AJEGUNLE. She has never stepped out of her comfort zone of Ajegunle, one of the reasons I had to break up with her.

Fast forward to today, I tried inviting her over to Lekki to catch up on great times.

Here’s her reply to my invitation:


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:rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy: don’t blame her! This is Nigeria


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: This Hilarious but I understand her fear. She has not left her environment and sees everyone as criminals


Everybody is a CRIMINAL :rofl::rofl: See what Falz has cause…Everybody is a suspect



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I started playing the beat in my head as she started saying “This is Nigeria, Everybody be Criminal”. :joy::joy:

But I understand here concern. She’s still clinging to her ‘comfort zone’. She probably heard a recent story or rumours about lekki.

Speaking of lekki, I’d be heading to Ajah tomorrow morning. Trying to get to AIICO insurance company, Autogenous. Anybody close to that area I could say hi to physically?


Bro if I were you. I would be careful of the evil forest o ehn ehn. People no de come back if the go there. :smiley:

I couldn’t help but laugh along with @lifeofesse
As I was listening…


Na. I got business to attend to


Come pay me a visit at Ilasan police station, Jakande.


Come to Lekki Phase 1 when you are done!


So we are close to each other; na e we never do legbegbe! :hugs:


Lekki/Ajah was filled with water and bushes before nah… so i concur when she said evil forest! :drooling_face::sweat:


That was before naa, was there anywhere that wasn’t filled with water and bushes before? :joy::joy:


You’ll have to give an exact address. I’m relatively new to lekki. I use google map alot.


The police? I’m not so sure ma’am


:joy::joy::joy::joy: but the police is your friend sir.


I moved in May. Oya lerrus hangout one of these days…abi u wee come to the station ni? :joy: don’t be afraid.


shakes my violently like a kid mmm…mmm, no ma’am. The police is not my friend abeg.


I’m at petrocam filling station right now, near taxify office. When I’m free, I’ll let y’all know.


Just seeing this. This is where I work