Federal Government Is Hesitating To Pay Whistle Blower For Fear That He Might Go Mad


The Chairman, Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), has disclosed that the Federal government is hesitating to pay the whistle-blower who exposed the N13 billion found in an Ikoyi, Lagos apartment his N860 million entitlement because he might go mad after receiving it.
In an interview with Punch, Sagay said the Federal Government has delayed the payment because he does not want the whistle-blower to run mad at the sight of the huge sum of money which is something he has not seen before hence he needs to be adequately counseled before such amount would be handed over to him.

In his words, he said “What I gathered from my inquiry is that the man is not sufficiently stable to receive such a huge sum of money. He is like someone who will almost run mental when he gets the money and will use it in an irresponsible manner, attracting not only undesirable people but even danger to himself. I think what they wanted to do for him was to provide counselors. Not just counselors for character and mental situation but counselors who would be like consultants that would help him to really invest the money and plan in such a way that he doesn’t throw it away in five minutes. They are trying to help him. Nobody is denying him anything. They are trying to help him but he just misunderstands the intention and like everyone that has been deprived for a long time, he is so desperate to have it, but from what I can see, if they just give him everything, it won’t last more than a month or two because so many people will start finding ways to get to him and taking their portions from him. So, they were just trying to help him but he became hysterical.”.

He also added that,
“It is better to pay him in tranches. I agree with the government because if not, he will throw it away. This is valuable money that government could have used for millions of unemployed and wretchedly poor people. One man is getting it and he just wants it so that he can blow it all in five minutes? No, the government has a responsibility to see that his excitement does not end in seeing the money being thrown away irresponsibly. So, I agree with the government.”

Do you think this is a good reason not to pay him?


Hehehehehehehe. First of all, what’s their business??? Knowing Nigerian government the way I do, I believe after the first payment the man won’t receive the rest. Is the whistler less than 18 years old?


Ahh! is it their Mad?? What’s their own abeg?? So convenient federal government now worry about people mental state of mind. Abeg give them their money


Lol! If I’m the man, I’ll tell them “gimme the money first, lemme run mad, and I’ll use part of the money to treat myself” like it’s their madness. Smh


So oga Lai has affected Sagay too with his flimsy excuses. The only reason they are talking now is because it’s now everywhere that he hasn’t been paid. Money they have shared amongst themselves.


It’s a good thing to want to counsel the man on spending and better investment options, but knowing Nigerian Govt like I do, it’s all a lie and tactics to no wanting to pay the man.

Our govt ways are not pure. They can’t be trusted for anything.


Counsel ko… Nigeria govt will counsel on financial spending when they don’t even know how to properly allocate the budget so things can run better… Mtchewwwwww…

This is just a lame excuse to me, God knows. Its even embarrassing. Next time when you see an act like this, just call your friends, raid the man’s house with guns or better still when you find out, blackmail them till you milk out enough cash for you…




As in… i tell you…

Even whistle blowing that people thought could be a lucrative business, Nigeria government want to spoil it…


oshey what will i not hear in nigeria, somebody blew the whistle on 13 billion and that same someone was promised 860 million, what was the stupid government thinking, abegi pay up let him go mad, the person whose house the 13 billion was found, what legal counsel has the person been given. Rubbish people, infact where are all the monies that have been found. i bet the government is now regretting their said promise. let him go mad, his family members will take him to a mental ward or church.


My country, my country…!


:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: Your DP is already laughing at them…


Now that you mentioned it, it made sense. Hehehehe


They er !!!



Dey should pay me…I will take it to dem…how I go see money come ran mad…make i hear


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: even I would go mad if I have that kind of money.


So you think there’s sense in what they are saying?


Oh! How I love this country!


:dancer:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2: We’re waiting for 1pm @bigtimi