Five wrong advice that has mistakenly considered as good


Never talk about controversial subjects like sex, politics, or religion on a first date. This advice is epically wrong. It’s the exact opposite of good advice. The purpose of a first date is not to impress your date or try to win them over. The purpose of a first date is to see if you’re compatible enough to keep dating.

Never do anything that you’re uncomfortable with. Every new thing you learn, every unfamiliar thing you try, every new experience you have, will make you uncomfortable. Learning is uncomfortable. Growing is uncomfortable. If you never face discomfort, you will never become more than you are right now. Feeling uncomfortable and doing the thing you want to do is how you learn self-esteem and self-efficacy. Staying in your comfort zone is merely traveling from cradle to grave by the path of least resistance.

Wait for love. If it is meant to be, it will happen. There is no such thing as “meant to be” when it comes to love. You have a relationship when you and another person choose to be together, not when the Divine Hand of Fate sends you a partner. You maintain good relationships by learning good relationship skills and making good choices, not by relying on some mysterious cosmic force to keep you together. The idea of what is “meant to be” is lazy. It’s relying on magical thinking instead of learning to engage with people and learning social skills.

Always trust your gut. Your intuition is never wrong. What a load of incredibly arrogant, pompous, conceited bollocks. Nothing about you is “never wrong.” Your thoughts can be wrong, your memories can be wrong, your ideas can be wrong…and yes, Virginia, your intuition can be wrong. Every part of you is human and prone to failure. Pointing at one thing about you and saying “This! This part of me is never wrong!” is mind-boggling hubris.

Your intuition is not magic pixie never-wrong sauce. It is a fast but crude heuristic for spotting patterns. Now sometimes, yes, sometimes it spots patterns faster than your analytical mind, and sometimes it catches details your conscious brain misses. It is, when treated well, a good source of information that can occasionally see something you don’t.

But it’s a promiscuous pattern-matching heuristic, which means sometimes it spots patterns that don’t exist and sees things that aren’t really there. Listen to your gut, but don’t believe it’s never wrong.

Good things come to those who wait. Good things come to those who make them happen. Life is active, not passive. While you’re sitting around in your easy chair waiting for good things to just happen to you, effective people are out in the world doing good and making good things happen for them. The universe does not care whether you are happy or sad and it sure as hell doesn’t care if good or bad things happen to you. You want good things to happen to you? You need to be proactive about it. The only thing you’re guaranteed to find if you sit around waiting is death.


You seem to have an issue with slay queens though


Lol…are you a slay queen? :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


What’s with u and this ur “slay queen” illusion though? @Segzee. For a moment I almost didn’t wanna reply, but then I realised u have an obsession with “slayqueens”.
People condemn and criticize what they don’t understand. You should focus more on what u like and understand.


yes @Segzee that’s text book low self esteem. Let women be happy.


Threads like this shouldn’t even be encouraged here. I open some threads and wonder what the person was thinking creating such a thread.
It’s not funny, not educative, not to talk of informative and really out of line.
I think there should be a scrutiny on thread creations especially the extensively repeated ones like this “slay queen” topic. And no I won’t take this as a joke @Segzee cos this is not the first time u’re tagging me on this topic.
U need to get over urself.


calm down J. @Segzee is new to the community. I believe he’s learned his lesson on this one.


Please I apologize on his behalf…:joy::joy::joy: Don’t be angry.
@Segzee I can see you tagged me first…
Yes I am a slay queen… When I get to my village( that I have never been to) yes I will blow the firewood like that… Get over your troubles with Slay queens…


Honestly I’m not even angry, I didn’t cuss at him. I’m only stating the obvious. The last time he tagged me on this kinda topic,I read through and he said it was a joke. Now this? Come on!


Sorry guys. The earlier post is not meant to disrespect anyone whether in this forum or outside. Honestly, I don’t have any issue with anyone or dressing (to those who think I do). We all have our life to live.

Because I tagged you on a post does not mean am referring to you (Sincere apology for that).
Life is too small and simple to be too serious all the time. Because I post on Zegist does not make me an unserious person (to those who think so).

It is just a picture and nothing more, but if it makes you feel somehow or is against your personality sorry for that.

I changed the thread not because am scared of anyone but as a sign of respect and to prevent further insult on this.

My sincere apology to @Judy @pretyprexy @Drew and others.



lool which one is BYE TO ZEGIST. ogbeni calm down jor.


again. calm down. No one meant to disrespect you. Just stop using the words “slay queen” is a derogatory context.


I remember when @agbalumo said this about 2 months ago. :joy::joy: come and beat me, I’m in my house :dancer::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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said what ?


U’re just a trouble maker u dis geh @Aniekan :joy::joy::joy::joy:


So u’re leaving Zegist because I pointed out ur continuous use of the word slay queen? U see? Unku calm down, why so serious?


When there was a little misunderstanding on a certain thread and you said you’re out of the thread since your opinion wasn’t needed there.

Just sounded similar :wink:




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