#Flashback: What Were You Known For In Sec. School?


Everyone was known for one thing or the other back in school. For some, they were known for always bring “porn magazines and tapes” to school, others were known as the front benchers/teachers favorite, while others were just known for being quiet and very calm.

Yes! I remember the slay queens, the gossipers, the ones always bringing food to school, the post office messagers always transferring love letters… :joy::joy:

Some were known for just been too short or too fat or too black or having a big head or nose… :joy::joy: and more…

So what were you known for in school? Everyone has something!


I was the movie guy. You needed a movie on DVD, I was the go to guy. #goodtimes.




I was the “quiet and very dark girl with pink lips”… :rofl:


Quiet and very calm, yet most friendly.

And I can laugh and be very sarcastic eh… I remember a time one serving corp member came to our class and shot a killing arrow with his English at us, mehn I shot him back purposely with my own arrow :joy::joy:

He said, “Have I came to this class before?”

My response: “No, you haven’t came to this class before”. :joy::joy::joy:


I was known for keeping up with telemundo series (Paloma and Diego, Catalina and Sebastine Gardeners daughter, Passions) I would narrate the previous episode and predict what will happen next :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m that student that was never suspected for carrying contraband :joy::joy::joy:

And I was using phone o… It’s good to have the good girl look… Not like I was a bad girl o


JS1-SS1: I was known as the too quiet and too good guy.

SS2-3: I was known for not attending service, even if Their Holinesses Pope Francis I, Pope Benedict XVI and Patriarch Bartholomew would be presiding…


The music girl: I settled every argument about “lyrics” or gist about any artiste.

Then I was like @fola we gat to keep up with “when you are mine” and the rest.

I was also known as “the honorable time keeper” Effizzy was just too much. At some point, I used to wear two to three wrist watches cos I had to ring the bell all na paparazzi. I will always ring the bell at the appropriate time no matter how much my classmates beg me to end a boring class .


@Drew I think you and @KubasuInyanya will make such great friends. You always remind me of her for some reason.


Woow… Nice :grin:

Lol. I hope it is in a good way.


of course. You are both King Women :smiley:




:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: This took me back to a scene in wedding party 2 where Seyi law (playing one of the custom officer) was wearing two wrist watches :rofl::rofl:


I have always been the very shy and quiet girl so I remained that way throughout secondary school. I was also the nice and friendly girl in my set and also as a senior. All the juniors liked me and by SS2, I collected “Anti-Bully Award”. Na so i nice reach :grin:


:joy::joy::joy: Don’t mind me. I carry the work for head ehnn.


:crazy_face::rofl: Stobborn boy… I guess you were flogged alot of times… right?


Me too… Mine was mostly Super story narrator after school. I can argue and talk for hours about it…




chei!!! I know those kind of classmates… They were always just very annoying and their shakara… :joy::joy: