#Flashback: What Were You Known For In Sec. School?


Awwww… Its there even till now… You’re still calm and quiet. :slightly_smiling_face:




I was the extremely quiet girl in class. My teacher lived me because anything assignment I took seriously. I was called the Chinese girl because I looked soo much the the Chinese.


Interesting… @Ms_aijohi was also called the chinese girl too because of her eyes…:joy:


Same here… Its really funny


:joy::joy::joy: Not Really. I was the girl of the people though with many “nicknames”


Was the go-to guy on anything pertaining to tech.

Was the school’s number 10 on the pitch - popular with the girl, popular jingo. :smile:


:joy: :joy: Chinko


:joy::joy: Please tell me some… I want to know…


hahahahahahahahahhaha… Chei!!! You were a popular jingo already?


No na I was the only real product ooo. Ahahaahahahah


The whole school knew me. :joy: :joy:

My aunty was also the headmistress for the nursery/primary school in the same compound. It worsened the case.


Lol. I can relate


Mehn I was known for lotta things… I was like the fairest person in the whole school(easily noticed), till an albino junior came on board and other girls tear eyes begin dey use cream(how I knew? It became obvious when dark skinned turned light with dark skin patches).
You’ll never see me beg for stuffs but give and some of my classmates-guys called me “cash madam”.I was also the girls basketball team captain and assistant football captain (female) till I sprained my ankle and withdrew from playing footballs, I was made the assistant coach lol. Well I was well-developed in structure then and the topic " reproduction" in jss1 integrated science wasn’t friendly at all…imagine me tagged “two big oranges in form of a song” and Peace will be a mother anatomy. Obviously, I was quiet,very reserved,and intimidating at a go(me sef nor understanding)teachers just love me around them. Help take a junior class extra lessons on their behalf. I was into politics as well,lol that was in jss3. My school made us to campaign,write speeches and all that for post- I emerged Asst head girl with just a loss of one person to my opponent (close one). Ss1 I became the senior prefect till I graduated and as well the hostel prefect(this for six yrs). So you get to hear my name almost everyday and the student with the highest sch children as the sch sef add students join sef. The list plenty small :joy: make I just leave this one.


Forgot to add this important one…then I’d disturb my classmates with songs…be singing upandan,there was no foreign song I didn’t know thanks to my tiny radio my day student friend bought for me. So it was Peace the choir mistress or Nightingale…


LOL… preg"NANCY" (I hated this one) , Channel O, Nancy DREW etc.


How many girls can you count? :crazy_face:


Hahaha! There was an entitlement to just 3. :joy: :joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Oh my gosh!!! Who coin out these names?


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: This nonsense was popular in school then ehnn…