#Flashback: What Were You Known For In Sec. School?


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I was about about the youngest in my set, I was small, I had a big mouth, I played football with my fellow smallies, I also played hockey and represented the school in competitions at Union Bank sports complex surulere (I remember the meat and food was something back then). I wasn’t really known for anything in particular, I was one of those students that fly below radar and didn’t take anything seriously not school or anything. I only started taking school seriously in SS3 during my WAEC exams when my physics teacher was always telling me that I was nothing like that other students, that I was smart (I used to think I was dull, cos my grades were always average). Oh I remember, I was known by friends for preferring cartoons to football ,I also loved watching passions (the kind of things you get teased for continuously)


I was the “Soji Pastor” who brought food to school even in SS3, will cry at the sight of cane, teacher’s favorite and Na we dey do “Sir, you gave us an assignment last class, should we submit it now?’”…:rofl::rofl:
First to reach school … it was annoying they used to call me Aje… Abegi, the list is kinda there jawe, from the only boy who read novels and doesn’t watch football to being the most weird. These were from habits learned by rote


I was the youngest and smallest in my set (It wasn’t even funny at all). No matter how late I come to school, I’ll always be the first person to start the line for my set on the assembly ground (I really hated being at the front).
I was very quiet and a real nerd at that. If you don’t understand anything in class, just wait for Kachi the teacher. Sometimes even juniors would bring their assignments for me to help with.
I had weird nicknames like Chucky, Soloist, and the rest I can’t remember.
I was that portable smallie that my set boys just liked. Like sometimes exam questions would leak and I’d he the only girl they’d share it with.
I was also too courteous. If I saw someone hundred times, I’d greet the person hundred times. Kept on winning best behaved and most courteous.


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Lol that was in Junior school tho. I was bullied for a while cos I was the youngest in my set (my stature didnt help either ) but my “sharp mouth” rescued me.


Go to guy if you are having probs with math


I was known for 3 things.
School’s drummer
School’s left winger
When it comes to not reading yet passing physics… I’m ur candidate


I was the efiko of the set and it made me have very few friends. The myth was don’t play with Evans, he will go home and will read and you will both write exam and he will come first in class.

I thank God for the few friends that didn’t consider me a nerd and allowed me to be my goofy self around them. Some of them are friends turn family today.

I remember the day one girl heard me singing “You’re still the one I love - Shania Twain” and was astonished I knew music… I just taya - all cos I was good in my books. Me wey dey compose ringtone no go sabi song???


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Most trouble guy in class…always looking for female trouble


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