#Flashback: What Were You Known For In Sec. School?


You sing? I’m astonished too! :joy::joy::joy:


Hmmm where to start … I was socially Awkward ( Still am) and quite anti social …

  1. I always styled my hair like Aaliyah - One side covering the eye . The deputy was so irritated she made me fake hair prefect for like a week

  2. I maintained a very very very small circle - because of this I was falsely accused of being a lesbian who had two girlfriends :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

  3. I was that piano girl who composed music . True story . I once made a slay queen cry after she heard the “ powerful lyrics and piano arrangement “

  4. romance novels were bae - Sweetvalley High , Mills and boons blah blah




I watched all of these series. My favorite was Diego and Paloma and then Second chance.

Then I was the singer, that was my signature they just had to give me chapel prefect that I hated.
I was the one who always brought food to school and all my friends had their personal spoon for my cooler. I would vex and leave the food but dem no just send me, shebi I get alternative. I didn’t grow up rushing and dragging food so I just left the food for them.
I was the novel girl. Read and exchanged lots of books even during exams I used to read novels that my teachers would seize from me.
I was the one that played with all the boys in class they thought I was dating them. :joy::joy: They used to come to my house during the weekend to play football and Sega games and I would give them indomie and egg. I think this was what the other girls didn’t understand.
I was the relationship counsellor and dispute resolution go to person. My house used to be a meeting point when they finally realised their boyfriends and crushes were safe with me… but all they ever did was talk and maybe kiss sha…:joy::joy:
I was the perfume and chocolate girl. You see, in my school we had a lot of efizzy people and perfumes were the only things that brought us together. You’ll hear “oh my God you smell so nice what perfume are you wearing?” and I’d be like “Pure poison by Christian Dior” na so gist go start :joy::joy::joy:
I was the one who played during the day cos I don’t know how to read with noise around, then I would study at night and pass, na so beef go start oh that I deceived them. Abeg na me say make u no get pattern of reading?
Let me just stop here jeje before the ink will finish.


Hey hey you brought that here too…

I was known the girl with the Chinese eyes even till date anywhere I go, they call me Chinese eyes that’s my selling point now.

Okay, I was also known as Rebekah cos I was always coming to give reports on the telenovela movie…"Rebekah "




Interesting … I honestly think your mixed system gave you guys an advantage —during your adolescent and puberty stage — on how to relate to and handle the opposite sex … 90% of high schools( Apart from rich folk schools) in Kenya are same sex schools … Needless to say , after high school our hormones were all over the place :woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4:


:rofl::rofl: You were just a silent weirdo…


I attended a boarding school (Lagos state model college, Kankon). In my Junior school, I was known as the guy who did “Red Night”. In my senior secondary school, I was known as “the current affairs guy”. Plus i was the good, shy boy that girls liked but didn’t take the opportunity.

I was also the good to guy for anything tech, movies or football. If you wanted to win an argument, call Morris John and let him support you.

I was a nerdy loser except i didn’t wear round glasses with ropes and i wasn’t bullied



hahahahhahahahahaa… The soji pastor part just got to me… :grinning: I swear i didn’t like people like you back thenn… Their oversabi was just excess…


hahahahahahahha… Just literally painting the image on my mind is cracking me up God knows… hahaahhaa… Are you still small?

Awwwww… Now i remember one short girl in my secondary school then. She was even a namesake sef… Very brilliant, short and pretty. They just liked her.

Haba… Your profile looks just too good jare… Haba… :crazy_face: Atleast what was one crazy thing you did…


My dear, height has just sworn to be a bad belle! :joy::joy:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I didn’t even have both. I was fat, had bow legs and had to battle with a crazy self esteem because of that… I was extremely quiet too… So its either you beat me up or make me think about my life again…


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Oshey!!! Composer… You were sha a nerd! You just don’t like accepting that…


:joy::joy::joy: Why the ladies? :disappointed_relieved:



So you were part of the guys we hated in class, I bet this didn’t go down well with your classmates :smiley::smiley:


Lol… I was the class captain too naa but i was good sha. I’ll do my assignments and give the class to copy… Those days of master editors, they will change the words even fear sef go fear!!


That year!. I had a music group…Platinum Boiz. I had a very cool voice like 2Face’s then :blush:


When it turn out that she want to report…you can quickly beg her and she will calm down buy guys forget it your face will turn to sth else