Fowcom : Commonwealth Fashion Week and Awards


The Commonwealth of Nations is an intergovernmental organisation which promotes the common shared values of it’s member nations, democracy, free speech,individual liberty and freedom, the pursuit of equality and opposition to racism,the fight against poverty, ignorance,disease; and free trade.

FOWCOMPANY, is a global brand of Fowworld and Fow24 Global. Fowcom is an investement holding company, primarily engages in Enterprises, Projects, Investement, Researching, Development, Financing, Product and Services.

FOWCOMPANY, put together Commonwealth Fashion Week And Awards to honour a lifetime achievements of fashion icons across all the 52 commonwealth countries that are dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of fashion to further creative leadership, artistic, technical and social achievement within the global fashion industry.

In addition, commonwealth Fashion Week And Awards is an internationally acclaimed event and network for trade and fashion professionals, the annual event provides a forum for worldwide exposure and recognition, with a major role in contributing to the harmonious growth and development of the global fashion industry, working towards the greater good of harnessing and supporting relationships to keep the global fashion industry sustainable and unprejudiced.

Commonwealth Fashion Week & Award is planned and organised by FOWCompany.FOWCOM poised to reach heights in every endeavor and sectors of the economy globally.