Fowcom Limited : Grab and Ride Logistics


FOWCOM LIMITED is a global brand of Fowworld and Fow24 Global. Fowcom is an investement holding company, primarily engages in Enterprises, Projects, Investement, Researching, Development, Financing, Product and Services. In addition, the company invests in, Logistics and Management.

Fowcom Limited has provided Grab And Ride Logistics Building relatioship with clients that goes beyond Professionalism

Grab and Ride Logistics is a
top notch technology inclined Transportation company that offers quality and excellent cab services that can be requested for online by using our Grab and Ride app on your moblie phone to request for a cab service.
We are now the market leaders in delivering on-time pre-booked ground transportation services in the city of Abuja.

We have transported millions of business travellers from A to B and pride ourselves on the outstanding service we offer and the competitive pricing of our products.

We are the only aggregator to provide pre-booked services in all four transport sectors - Minicab, Executive, Minibus and Coach hire.