Fraudulent Posts and Criminal Activities on The Zegist Platform


Hello Admin,

Please note that there is a certain @Wayne_Martin [] that has been posting real criminal content on the Zegist platform.
The account posts illegal harmful things like Credit Details for Sale, Bank Login Details, Stolen Cheque Details, etc. Things that are normally traded on the “dark web” that shouldn’t be posted on a public forum such as @Zegist.

Here is the last post by the said account: Selling good and fresh cvv fullz track 1 and 2 bank login bank transfer writing cheque - I have even flagged this post.

I am a cyber security professional and I know the potential dangers of allowing such post and such account to thrive in this community.

So please delete the post and delete the account. I am 100% confident that the account is probably not intended to be a real account, just a dummy account online to act as a referral point in shady internet transactions.

Once again @admin please be advised, as this is urgent.


His account has been flagged and his post deleted.
Thank you adebisi.


Nice work :clap::clap::clap: