Freebie Alert! 22 Free HD Wallpapers From Across Nigeria


Hi guys,

I very recently decided to share a collection of wallpapers which I made and curated from across Nigeria.

Feel free to download them and tell me which is your favorite of them all.

P.S: I’ll also appreciate a shout out on your social media handle that others can download and have a feel of it too. Thank you

cc: @Mira @Dapomola @evansakanno @judy @aje @peacehoney @enigma @tuhmehskeh @W.O @mopelola_ariyo @ganoris @Otumininu

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This is so amazing. You’ve done an amazingly great job. Thank you for sharing. Please share your social media handles.


Thank you for the kind words

IG: @theunofficialomotayo
Twitter: @thethoughtpod


They’re all beautiful and alluring… My favorites will definitely be the nature pictures, especially the picture that has a hut in the midst of plants- it’s so cool. :heart_eyes:


Thank you :slight_smile:️. I’m glad you like!


I love all of them @theunofficialomotayo they’re really beautiful and creative. Well done!




Thanks @judy


I love them! :heart_eyes:


Thank you :slight_smile:@Mira


Well done @theunofficialomotayo they are beautiful


Thank you :heart:


Oh my! Well done @theunofficialomotayo these are simply amazing.

I have 3 saved already. Thanks darling💋


You’re welcome @ganoris. I’m glad you like


@theunofficialomotayo sweet and soft


Thanks man