French Education

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Whenever the student is ready, the teacher will teach

I’m ready any time, just ask questions on the education platform.

Can we do that via bbm or whatsapp? or how do u intend to pass the info across

Whichever way that would be convenient for you!

@cypher I believe the education platform will be the best option. So people can come anytime and catch up on what has been taught earlier without missing out. @Oluwarufus @evansakanno

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I will start with the basics

I am interested. We may need to create anothe thread for French Classes oo. This one don full with english gist.


This our French class wey everybody don dey talk about since five days, na so so English dey everywhere. Make I introduce the first French statement, e be like sey our teacher need small encouragement :wink: je m’appelle Enigma pouvons-nous apprendre maintenant.


Talking to my Android Phone :microphone:

OK, Google, start Google Translate
…beep …beep


Hahaha… @Oluwarufus Pls where is @cypher let us know if I stated it well :wink:

Enigma mon frère, est-ce que, tu es sûr que, tu comprends ce que tu viens de dire?

Bonjour @cypher je comprends, Ce que je viens de dire en anGlais (good morning @cypher, I do understand, what I said earlier in English is) … My name is Enigma, can we learn now?.

@cypher s’il vous plaît nous pouvons commencer à la base

Bonjour means Good day and pronounce BONju

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We all know the bonjour, comment ça va? And. So on

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@cypher yes, abi people in the house?

Nous allons commenced à identier les choses dans le foyer (we will start by identifying the things in our home)

English. French. Pronunciation
Fan. Le Ventilateur. Lo Vontilator
Ac. Le Climatiseur. Lo Climatizor
Curtain. Le Rideau. Lo Rido
TV. La Télévision. La taylayvizion
Wall. Le Mur. Lo Miu
Chair. La Chaise. La shez
Table. La Table. La tahbl
Door. La porte. La pot
Window. La Fenêtre. La fonetr
Bed. Le Lit. Le Lee or Li


I think I can reformat that for better readability

English French Pronunciation
Fan Le Ventilateur Lo Vontilator
AC Le Climatiseur Lo Climatizor
Curtain Le Rideau Lo Rido
TV La Télévision La taylayvizion
Wall Le Mur Lo Miu
Chair La Chaise La shez
Table La Table La tahbl
Door La porte La pot
Window La Fenêtre La fonetr
Bed Le Lit Le Lee or Li

Ooh, c’est magnifique! t’es très gentil :slight_smile: