Full time house wives are lazy?

I stumbled on this 14 minutes video on YouTube by NdaniTV and it got me thinking.

This marriage of a thing is no child’s play at all. For the single people, we need to be fully prepared for the task ahead just as we work hard for a school degree, a career or any goals we set for the future.
Having a good home should be goals we aim to be successful at too. We shouldn’t only care about materialism and impressing people with our dressing and latest cars and gadgets.
We should also slay in our individual marriages and relationships. I’m really tired of hearing stories about failed marriages. It discourages people like us that aren’t married yet but we can only hope that ours won’t be like the stories we’ve heard or seen.

I once heard a message from the late Dr. Myles Munroe where he preached about marriage extensively. He said the reason for all the chaos in the society is because we have taken family for granted. The family was the first institution, it is way older than the law or even the government, but we are taking it for granted which is the reason for the way the society is turning out.

Back to the main topic about full time housewives, this makes me ponder on women who have to perform housewife duties and still go to work. Of course it is the men that brings the lion share (that’s what they always say) but we are beginning to have women that are bringing in the "Elephant share"and still have to perform the normal wifey duties and we are beginning to see it as normal. Uhn!

Here’s the video if you have some data to spare.

What’s your take on it?

My take is that we should learn to value and appreciate everyone in our lives no matter how little we think they are doing because it seems like they’re doing nothing on the outside. That little could be all they know how to do. We should also encourage them to do better. People bloom where they are loved, and nurtured.

The man thought his wife was doing nothing and thought she was the reason for his high Blood pressure. Whereas, he was the one who didn’t recognize her value and appreciate her.

Enjoy the short video.

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Where is the laziness of full time housewives

Full time housewives aren’t lazy. They work non-stop, especially when kids come into the fore. Some hardly get a Thank You.

In today’s world, full time housewives beg their husbands to open a business (no matter how small) close to the house so that they can support with funds too. While some have taken to having YouTube channels where they teach stuff.

Full housewives - women generally are super human.


They are so underrated! Just because their struggle is different from that of career women doesn’t make them lazy. Taking care of the home can be tiring some times especially with kids and that is why people hire house keepers/nannies.


They arent Lazy ooo, Mothering is a full time job on it’s own.
But I CAN’T do it sha


Very tiring my dear. E no easy ooooooo


as if Fathering is a part time job! I did write a poem “Women are Lazy especially the African ones”… Women were born lazy

Respect to all the wives and mothers, your efforts are truly superhuman


Lovely read brother!

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And this!!! :clap:t5::clap:t5:

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You guys have literally said it all.
I don’t see myself becoming a full time house wife but I would never take a fellow woman for granted because she is one. Raising kids is no joke!