Funniest thing I saw/read today


How about we have a thread for the funniest thing we see around us OR on the internet every day?


  1. It made you laugh out loud. We are not talking about you blowing a kilobyte of air of your nostril in the name of LOL.
  2. Video, pictures, and audio files are welcome.

I’m excited, this is going to a nice relaxation spot every day. For a more serious thread, check here

Let me go first, I saw this on my Facebook.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I tell you… You go tire when you realize the life after NYSC is the real life.


Your MCM




Look at his bum bum!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Zegist : What languages do you speak?
@abnetz : Tongues



Actually it was @Aje…that guy is not serious :joy::joy::joy:


Hehehehehehehe. It’s bigger than my own. In fact, 5 of my own can be gotten from his


Lool… oòps!! @Aje MADE MY DAY !!!


Let’s hit the gym and start squatting and doing the humps.


I don’t know if that thing really works + I’m lazy when it comes to exercising but I want a bigger gluteus maximus and minimus


Are there medical terms for bum bum again? Kuku kee me na :rofl:
And yes it works, I am also too lazy to get on that routine.





This actually got me thinking, even though I really found it funny. Please somebody should epp a sister… What does Agbalumo mean?


Another One


Looooool. Credit goes to @Aje


Jixox! And I’m here killing myself on squats to get bumbum, I need this bumbum more than this dude :rage:This life is not fair o :cry::cry:


Lol… When he has her back! :joy::joy::joy: