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How’s she doing these days?


What is this?! :joy::grin:


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Oshey :joy: Monika was even showing skin :joy::rofl: @Monique bhet u are fine o :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hi everyone. So let me tell y’all the funniest thing I’ve experienced in this Lagos. Please pardon my long story-just had to share.
I work in LUTH but I have some other stuffs I do on the side( ends must meet na).
So on Friday after work closed, i quickly rushed home(still inside LUTH), got a few things together and left for my 2nd job. Along the way, I was told not to bother coming. Since I had wasted money on going with taxify, i decided to take danfo back to LUTH. So I got to ojuelegba and took a bus (instead of a bike) To LUTH. I sat down on the last sit on the 3rd row. Guy made sure that he collected his money before we left.
Halfway through the journey, the bus stopped cos there was no fuel. So the bus was just moving slowly. He managed to get the bus to a filling station at Ishaga junction, but couldn’t get it in cos the place was a bit high. So he left the bus at the entrance of the filling station. At this point, everyone was shouting and the man quickly went to get #200 fuel!!! And tried starting the bus, but the bus still refused to budge. So the man ran back into the filling station (probably to buy #100 fuel :joy::joy:).
While Oga was away, that’s how the bus started kicking itself (for lack of better words, like it was making that sound when the ignition is coming on). Next thing this car starts to move- backwards into the main road. And I was the last person in that bus😭 Everybody just started panicking. If someone had said there was a ghost on that drivers seat, I’d have believed it. People started jumping out of the bus and I’m still there. That’s how one Coca-Cola truck was approaching us. I don’t know how I squeezed myself through the small back window of the danfo. I picked a bike and went home jejely. People were just laughing by the road side but I didn’t find it funny at that point. Even the bike man that dropped me said sorry and didn’t collect money. It’s now that I can laugh about it.


@Monique you’re a bad shide :joy::joy::joy: see you opening stomach :smirk:


Chai!! All these Lagos danfo drivers and conductors can turn someone into an actor overnight :joy::joy:. Thank God you got home safe.


Oh wow🤐I reserve my comment. I cannot deal with an evil twin.


Thank God for the gift of life




Nwanyi oma :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


:joy::joy: Thank God you are safe.


Who created this meme? The :dog2:’s look is hilarious :joy: