Funniest thing I saw/read today


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Mansdem said his sperms are rottened …

For real ?? AT ALL ???


Hehehe… Haven’t you come across a guy before that you just find nothing desirable about him? Like a short, fat, black, protuberant stomach, ugly faced, coarse voice, halitosis mouthed,awkward pacing man :grinning:


There is someone for everyone, there are roughly 7000 other versions of each of us on the planet :earth_americas: so makes sense to say there is someone for everyone.


Haba! After na, someone wee come and say I dey vex. You, does the guy have to be black, short, beer bellied, fat, for him not to be liked?

Have you not seen fine, beautiful, tall, six packed guy and he STILL cannot attract a lady?


Yes, hopefully rather than factually there is someone for everyone, just that the probability for some people to find someone that is for them is slimmer than the odds for Buhari to find his waec certificate. :grinning:

Let’s be realistic, the specifications you listed are loved by countless ladies, and I hope you’re not talking about “Mr handsome” attracting every lady, because my submission is on “any lady”.


Ask :smile_cat: @Enigma or @NaijaLander :joy: …if you don’t “know”!


Lmao… That song “onye ngabe gu inya” (I bet I murdered the spellings) :joy:


Yes oh, I even danced to that sef.


Hahaha. You try, no be small! :joy:.
I couldn’t remember any song.








Lol… He likes updated versions. Who wants Android 5.0 when there’s 7.0?


No offense intended ladies


Not true!!!


We need to put you and others who agree with this meme, in a simulated labor pain gadget…


I totally agree with you. And the person even used ‘almost’. Isn’t labour pain the most intense kind of pain?


Nope, getting kicked in the balls is. Hurts like hell.


I can bet it doesn’t hurt more than labour pain. On a scale of 1-10, they are probably both on level 10