Funny IG Posts


Why do i feel attacked? :sob::sob::sob::sob::joy::joy::joy:




Hell naaaah!!




Lol…I’ll advise you to do the big chop, girl :joy::joy:
I doubt you will look smaller than I did :see_no_evil:

I’m probably a bit biased towards low cut. Cut my very long relaxed hair in April '16, grew my natural hair for 7 months, had my 2nd big chop in Nov '17 and presently considering having another big chop.

It’s all an adventure and a journey.
The new look
The disapproving stares etc. :joy::joy:

I just love to spice up my hair life once in a while.


You are beautiful, not boring and your time is coming. Don’t feel attack joor


lol… Why do I feel like this is really not a joke though…

I feel there’s a lady that would read this and cry her eyes out to sleep… People should watch what they put up on the internet… Like really… Its not funny to me.


True. I’m sorry about that @pretyprexy


No, its not about you…