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Man needs to be jailed!!


Werey leleyii ooo :joy::joy:


afi keep shot nahh… That alone shows the level of his sense…


what about them ?


First of all I open the door slightly and peep…my ears r working better than before listening to every single sound… Then I actually prepared for this marathon race
Not until i reached the door knob and na this time
this yeye tiles show me pepper!..Omo…I slipped off ni o
You can imagine falling naked !!
Wasn’t a fun day
Balls in the air, hands flailing, Dick dangling , trying to get up but this wet tiles no gree, ended up crawling to the room with the help of my 13yrs kid bro …the yeye i received on that day no be for here :joy::joy::joy:

But now, i use to walk like a boss from Bathroom to anywhere in my room. :joy::joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Pele oh



wehdone o, sowi


So I just read this article… You mean the case was adjourned? Like what the fuck?!! He defiled a 3 year old he was granted bail?
I’m livid right now. So livid.


What do you think ?

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Too harsh ?


True or Not



:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: This is One of many scenarios. I do agree though! But as for the Late Marriage, i guess i’ll beg to differ


Lmao… Totally hilarious and true too

I don’t know about the late marriage bit.


@Aje & @theunofficialomotayo well we are men, we don’t feel the same pressure women do.


True that… Exactly why I said I don’t know about it


lol… She knew


Na the work whey we(dem girls) dey do


Which kain talk be that? Wetin you mean by say Na d work when you (dem girls) dey do?


Sister, speak for yourself o :grin:


You tagged me asking what do I think.
:point_up_2: is my response