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Ni kini?

No biggies if they have each other’s card pin and if they choose not to share, it doesn’t mean they don’t love each other abeg.


lol… True though.

You should be able to know if he/she is a spendthrift or not while you both are dating.


Now, that’s what we call a good bargain!!


I don’t think there is a biggie about ATM pins … I Know my male friend’s pin talk more of the boo…


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What do you think? I don’t agree with “…because it’s not attainable to them”


Well, to every man his own. And we are all entitled to our opinions. If I stay married for 10years and above, it will be an achievement for me please. It’s just like going to a uni and graduating. Marriage is also a school. Isn’t it?


You are right. But I don’t think people who say marriage is not an achievement are saying it because it’s unattainable. I do agree that if you manage to stay married all your life, it could be an achievement but again in some cases, should staying in an unhappy relationship be seen as an achievement ?

So maybe staying married isn’t an achievement either.


Nah, staying in an unhappy relationship/marriage is not an achievement to me.