Funny IG Posts


Seduction no mean say she get voice. Maheeda too dey seductive. Even by ur opinion i must take it personal with you. Guy Asa and Simi voice nobi mate. She herself no go think am. She fit vex for u if she hear say u make such comparison


Soul faya… Na joromi wey she convert highlife to contemporary sturvs…

Guy, I be watch one of her recent concert…you no fit compare…

Aramide even has a more soulful tone than Simi.


I still gree with u. They both have different paths but @NaijaLander mind yasef… I go fight you


Yeah that guy is an inspiration.


That one just wants to die young if he thinks of it.

Fela na mad ass jazz artist not just afro. Listening to that guy as an instrumentalist, music composition of plenty years ago still dey make you feel as if you dey learn. Not all this 4/4 pop music with a touch on african groove that there are calling afrobeat abi afropop


I was thinking of how to sugar coat this but you came and took it out raw! :joy::joy::joy:


You wicked gan! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. Uncle Asa,mabinu


My dear this comparison thing is everywhere.
Everyone sets a standard in their head that they expect you to meet…then when you go another way or don’t meet their standard they start to compare.
Also happens in the foreign scene and not only in the music industry…tech, business, fashion etc.


I think most of the comparison is just to get “online content”… or for jokes… for fun… Some Nigerians just love to take things personal



:joy::joy: dude would have been a good dancer in his prime.


On gender equity.

Screenshot-2017-10-16 Instagram


My thoughts exactly!!



haha! beyond safe sef.


You know this :smile:


I’m done with all these “first of all” posts. :joy::joy::joy:


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Yes o, i’ve been seeing it all over twitter o… If you follow, its really very crazy and funny… :laughing: