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This man’s own is even better, what will you say about that N5 man?


omo na true oo! N5 can’t buy anything these days.


Its safe to say that printing that denomination, is just an outright waste of resources.


One sachet water :laughing:


Not even groundnut


I support too… They should stop bothering to print N5… Its as good as useless when its standing alone.




Very key questions…
The problem is that most people don’t even know they are struggling with anything…


I don’t know…

I think most of us are, we just don’t want to confront it. I did use that approach this year, I emphasized my flaws to most of the women I met, only 1 worked well but I realized it wasn’t enough to have someone ready accommodate my issues.


I am always of the opinion that we should know and master how to handle our weaknesses to a large extent before we bring in other people.

Cos our strength differs not everyone can heal or accommodate you,people would say ehhmm if she can’t cope you are not meant to be…but that’s not usually the case… it is not everyone u meet that wants to help you get through stuff or accommodate it


Yes o… I accept. Deal with your shit before bringing someone in to start suffering and struggling to help you overcome them. Yes a woman is meant to be an help-meet, play your part before she should come in to help you.

Infact, people should not rely on others to be complete. Treat yourself as you would if marriage never existed in the picture.




And we don’t have to blame people when they act in like manners. This is very important and I wish everyone will understand this. We have to also learn to give allowances for people to grow and learn. Concluding on someone when they make mistakes or act in manners you don’t like have not only kill something in them but have also help them to keep doing it not knowing it’s actually a weakness that can be corrected. When people act in manners that I don’t like or obvious manners,one consolation I usually use is, if they have known better, am sure they will do better so I always give room or make allowances for people to get better and become better.


That’s a good way to look at people tho… I’ll try to practice this more…


The downside to this is “they might not know that there are not doing good”. So it’s not in all situation you cut them some slack, saying “they could be better”. Some times confront them in love


That’s another way to look at it tho…



Off course you will do that but always look at things from their angle and judge them fairly. I believe people will do better if they know better.



I must insist that occasional outings with her platonic friends can easily evolve into an affair, there will always be someone finer and better behaved than you partner, essentially, we are all making a sacrifice and that’s what love is.

So I don’t exactly agree with her but I see her point, for her, all options her on the table until he pops the question.

@Judy @Drew @fola @pretyprexy @Kachie @Aje @iamtosyne what do y’all think? Is bae allowed to go see other women or men. By see I mean casual outings like a movie or lunch.