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I had same issue in the school where i taught during my NYSC service year. I will be writing on the board or trying to explain something, you will hear them saying “Ukwu” “Aunty you have big shape o”…Seriously it was so annoying because there was no day they didn’t shout or someone says it and everyone would laugh… It got me pissed and i warned them. We actually turned out as friends ( a few of them ) till today…


So long Bae and I can go on whatever “casual outing” he intends to have together, he shouldn’t have a problem with it since it’s just a casual outing .


I don’t understand. Please explain.


Other Women that we both know and he tells me about it… No biggie. There is a limit to it though , he is not meant to get used to it.:roll_eyes:


Yeah @Fola talk more about it…


Lol. Bae is allowed naa. Its gives your relationship life by allowing it breathe and doesn’t stifle it. I do casual outings too so why should she not?


The thing looks somehow oh, but being in a relationship (not marriage) shouldn’t stop me from having male friends now and neither should it be confined to just me and him alone. So long it’s just a platonic friendship that I am aware of and I don’t feel threatened by, it’s no biggie really.
Been a long time I got myself in a serious relationship though, so I can’t really speak much on it.


Relationship… I see a “SHIP” meant for 2 people to cruise. No third parties.




Why am i just making this discovery? :joy::joy::joy:


lool so its true.


Lol…that’s another angle to it :joy::joy:







This angle to address it makes sense…hahahaha…


Sure… I agree!


My life right now! :sob::sob::joy:


That’s me…I’m long sighted. I can see things from afar, but if u pass by me and even wave at me,chances are I didn’t see you. :sob:


Lol this was me before I embraced using glasses