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Me I’m even guilty of this one. I’m on my way means I’m still in bed, thinking of what to wear,how to get up and shower and how to style my natural hair :cry:…you know the struggle now.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I am presently working on keeping to time by arriving at least 1hour earlier… Especially since Lagos traffic is unpredictable…


:joy::joy::joy::joy: My sister I understand the struggle… Some days people ask if I cut my hair I say YES… They don’t know I purposely tie it down most times as SHRINKAGE is my GEE…


:weary::cold_sweat: I’m even thinking of relaxing mine again.


I couldn’t cope with the natural hair thing so I had to relax it (I wish I hadn’t tho) and now I feel like cutting the hair but I’m scared of how tiny I’ll look.


Don’t cut it oh. Do a transition. Just stop putting relaxer and watch the whole relaxed hair fall out @Kachie


Abeg don’t
Relaxed my 1yr 4months natural hair in Jan '17 just cos I was tired… Worst decision ever tho (my friends almost beat me up cos the hair was long :joy::joy::joy:)
Made all the efizzy hairstyles …pony tail… side parting etc. then did the big chop again in July '17…No matter how it frustrates me it’s natural all the way ooo. My relaxed hair is just as frustrating so I’m okay with the natural struggle instead…


Mehn the struggle is real oh, I have been transitioning for a year and a month now and girl is it painful! Most times I make braids just to stay away from pain a Lil bit, but it’s of no use cos my the braids will start looking old and rough just after one week. Now I am thinking of joining weavon gang.


Imagining all of the above just makes me laugh :joy: E Ku ise takun takun. Oluwa a s’agbara dotun. Wehdone Ma. By the way, which one be weavon gang again? :grinning:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: You cannot even encourage somebody’s struggle


Hehehehehehehe. I just greeted una now, una wehdone. Ko easy rara. :rofl:


My dear quickly join the weaves and wig gang oh. Just be doing weaving or didi.


@Drew it also depends on maintenance oh. Have you seen Genevieve Nnaji’s hair pictures? She’s rocking transitioned hair oh and it’s so long. I’ve been slowly following her hair journey. She didn’t do the big chop. I think she uses hot combs and straightener to get the relaxed hair look.


Ukwu…aunty you have shape oo


Just make Didi and WIG it on… I can count how many times I went to the salon last year…there is no time sef…


Thanks much


Yeah but even with maintenance …our hair types differ

Even with all my deep conditioning and all mehhnn u don’t wanna see my natural hair treatment, oils etc…My hair type is 4c (coarse) it looks nice for some styles ooo but omo na struggle …I don’t use hot Combs on my hair… Stylists says it weakens my hair type… And even straightening the hair no dey straight for long Before it remembers it true nature…


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I can relate. Na so my hair be. Black and coarse. @fola says to use apple cider vinegar to soften it too.
The way my hair gets dirty because of the oil I usually apply ehn…now I’m afraid to wash it sef cos it will shrink :disappointed_relieved:


Abeg make una just go barb gorimapa. And save yourself all the wahala.


Hehehehehehehe. My brother, abeg tell them again :rofl: :joy: