Future of the human race


What do you think about the singularity? The idea that eventually artificial intelligence will advance to the point where computers are more intelligent than humans.

What are the pros and cons of colonizing other planets? How could this help or hurt the human race?

What is most likely to bring about the extinction of the human race? How can it be avoided?

Will humans as a species ever be able to work together as a whole to achieve a goal? What is holding humans back from working together on a global scale?

Will humanity continue to advance technologically or will we fall back to how we lived for thousands of years or fall back further to how we lived for a hundred thousand years ago?

What would be the best possible scenario for how the world will develop in the next 25 years? What do we need to do to get there?


AI will become more intelligent than humans, it’s a given and it will very likely be our doom.

When you have an essentially sentient piece of code that makes its own decisions, operates autonomously, writes itself and evolves faster than we can keep up with you know it’s only a matter of time before it sees humans beings for the destructive creatures we really are.

Speaking in logical black and white terms, humans are a plague on the earth and the earth is better off without us. IMO an Ultron like incident is only a couple decades away.

As for colonizing other planets, it’s necessary to guarantee our survival, we’re currently about 7.7 billion people on earth and this is only going to increase exponentially over the coming years. It took us about 50 years to go from 5 billion to 6 billion but it only took 12 years to go from 6 billion to 7 billion. By 2050 the earth’s population is estimated to be around 9.6 billion.

The earth’s resources can’t handle this number of humans with our insatiable wants and flat out greedy nature. If we can’t colonize other planets, we’ll end up fighting each other for our limited resources and subsequently famine, drought, war, and pestilence will ensue.

I can’t even begin to enumerate on how the human race can go extinct, from H1N1 (ebola on steroids), to nuclear war, to an asteroid crashing on earth the possibilities run wild. Last last I’m a Christian sha and I believe the world will end as laid out in the bible.

We possibly can but it’s a long shot. I think the basic thing holding us back is greed and the fact that we put ourselves first. We do what’s good for us/what we want as opposed to what is good for the entire community.

We will continue to advance technologically and there are two possible scenarios, we reach a state where we develop morally and ethically ok technology that maximizes good and minimizes harm or we get to a point where technology gets out of control and it implodes in our faces, reseting us and taking us several leagues back interms of technological ability,

The world should just have sense basically, put the needs of the many before the needs of a very tiny few. Realizing that we can be much more and be much more if we work together isn’t a bad idea either.

Regardless, I wish humanity best of luck.