Glorious Singers Discography

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I have always loved acapella music especially the ones from South African bands thanks to people like Brenda Fasse. I remember around year 2000, I attended a night vigil in my church with my family. Around 1am when the sleep starts to set in regradless of your efforts to stay sober they announced a guest music group - Glorious Singers from Enugu. They started with one Yayi Yayi Jesu Yayi then later sang Today, there is a melody in my heart … the whole church was inspired by their soul touching songs as they sang without instruments, i didnt know it was called acapella.

Since that time i have always had that band’s name in my head and keep wondering when I would get an mp3 version of their songs as back then they sold it in casette tape and I didn’t buy thinking my parents would that night. (who am i kidding, i am sure all i had in my pocket was “God’s money”)

I did another search today hoping i would find something but apparently people have also looked for them too.

Here are some of their songs now on youtube plus one mp3 @LordMord dashed me back in university. The videos are low resolution and dated so you might need to skip thru the intros.



That “any na aja gi mma” is perfect. Remarkable harmony :clap:


I knew you would connect with it. :raised_hands:


I can’t connect :frowning2:. We children that were born only yesterday.

These will be added to my playlist :blush:


Bombo yeti and Anyi na Aja gi Mma, Mhen… I can totally relate…I was so excited singing along :smiley::notes: Back in secondary school, we sang those song in the choir and it made waves o…That year when we were still innocent, where we felt sober after singing and going to church and listening to the word…lol :innocent: not these days that we dont know what some churches are doing and preaching. It is well sha.


Hmmm@Ayoola …that year that u were still innocent …u no thief meat for inside soup period ? true o! Lol


chai na only u waka come. #jokes


@evansakanno Nwannem, this is the ish. When worship was worship, instrumentation from the soul, we just sing along.


@evansakanno ejor,biko how can I download this mp3, it appears the videos alone are downloadable :wink:


Right click on the audio player and do Save Audio as…


:joy: I never thought about using a system, I only tried with my smartphone, of which the file was only playable. Tnx bro I’ll check it out.


Ohh try save link as. on your mobile phone.


Mission accomplished :thumbsup:


i trust my people…dem no dey carry last…the people wey no understand igbo no go fit grab am…I grew up listening to these guys…they made me love acapella…till today o…

ndewo nu my brodas and sistas…:clap:


Listening to them all. :notes:


searching for them brought me here, pls who has full list of their songs. Need it oo, Sweet childhood memories!


Welcome @Edi4all you have to make do with these ones. I dunno if anyone has their music producer’s numbers or sumthing. I can pay 10K for all their songs.


I love the Glorious Singers, Enugu and wish to belong to this group. I have been looking for “Today, there is a melody in my heart” and do not know how to get a copy of the album…

Glorious Singers, May God anoint you the more. I love your songs, I love you guys.


Also searching for the list of all their songs and don’t mind paying to get them.


Hello @Rosy, so I found some more of their songs…

Low quality but not too bad.