Go Anonymous and Tag Your Zegist Crush


@mira and @geezybee … Lol… This a Holy crush, I repeat, this is a holy crush


These are actually cos they are the only sweethearts I’ve actually spoke to DM-atically here… Lol


Do you mean to say you are crushing on mira and geezybee.
But wait fess, issa holy something?

Bro, holy crush is the best of the best crush, cos God knows about it and it is sacred.

Thank you very plenty.


Ok… so, who is @xoxo ??




Oh my…:blush:
Dm atically, God the use of words on zegist is amazing.


Kam dan bruh/sweetheart


Ikr :blush: … The inspiration that goes with the production of these words is a bliss


I am glad zegist inspires you.


@xoxo is that person I do not really know, but has a way with her thought process, which is beautiful.
Maybe @evansakanno will be of help.


Honestly. I can’t describe it. I would be in the office and just laugh. my colleagues would like ‘this one is on zegist’… at home, when my boys come around. The TV is always on high volume so as not to disturb them with laughter. I am so glad i am here. This country hardship can quick turn young man to an old fellow in days.


Me too bro, when I am at the office and zegisting which is a constant when I am not busy, and a new topic comes, I will just be laughing anyhow and my colleague will be like “why are you laughing”

I start to explain to her and sometimes ask her opinion of some stuff because sometimes, when you hear people’s thoughts on stuff, it makes you realize that there are different approach to tackle situations.

I want to use this medium to thank @evansakanno and others for coming up with the idea. It’s been a roller coaster ride with y’all. Zegisters are the friends I do not really have.
Thank you, Ese pupo.


Same here! Zegist has helped me socialise better with people. From total strangers to awesome friends and then family. I have also learnt how to engage in healthy arguments and also take corrections in love. I can’t even begin to describe just how much my knowledge tree has grown since the last months I joined the platform.

Thank you @evansakanno, the Zegist team and @zegisters for making this a wonderful experience for me. Much love!


Much love from here honey.


It’s been a pleasure having you here @geezybee thank you so much for appreciating Zegist.

I hope we keep making you happy


Dear anonymous like mi oti poju ga :kissing_smiling_eyes:…like @Mira said shoot your shot​:see_no_evil:


I know you love me, I love you too!


Hawwwn! Tenks o :grin:


Please, which one is mosquito voice?


Lol… I was just joking o. You people should leave my sissy alone for me.