Go Anonymous and Tag Your Zegist Crush


Blushing mode activated


What a Submissive and Dominant Affair :zipper_mouth_face:


Reminds me of 50 shades of Grey.


Hahahahahaha… Hanty wetin ni. Dis wan don pass crush so o but maybe Honkul Evans is already in a ship leading to marriage and I am just here crushing


:joy::joy: ahhh I dinnor know o.
However honku Evans is still available…
Shoot your shot before it’s too late.


I don’t know how to shoot… Can you tell me what to say before I kill the crush with plenty bullets :rofl::rofl:


Ok o, just have it in mind that if you misbehave I’ll deal with you… @evansakanno teh ya crush to crush with caution


Mogbe :ok_woman:
Are you the real bae or you are not a threat??


I’m his brother


But you are a lady. Why do you want to deal with me? I’m just wondering why


Aunty crusher read well…I said if you misbehave, I’ll deal with you, or are you planning on misbehaving?


Sorry. I will not misbehave. I am a faithful lover


Good… You have my part blessing, you’ll get the full one after confirmation


Ese o


Since he is your brother, can you teach me how to shoot my shot?


Naaaaaaaa, shoot your shot by yourself


You’re on your own.
You’ve got permission to DM, so whatchu waiting for?


She’s waiting for expo :joy::joy::joy:


Issa simple something, slide but make sure you don’t trip. Say, Evans I like your sense of bla bla bla and what have you.
Initiate a date/hangout. It’s left to him to either accept or decline( or maybe he doesn’t like ladies initiating dates Abeg @Monique, Shebi you are his brother? Is dis true)

And voila you are on your first date, this will either make or break the crush
Or maybe the second date will do it.



Like play Like play, nobody go crush on me abi? u want us to rig dz election abi ?:grin::grin:…No yawa :smile::smile: