Go Anonymous and Tag Your Zegist Crush


I can’t even “Awww”***


Oh dear… I get… Am i allowed to be on your neck to always remember zegist?


DOnt worry you don’t need to be. I am baaaaackkkk


Yoh baby… Welcome!!!


our long lost aunty @ganoris is finally back :laughing::laughing::laughing: welcome back ma,

singing :musical_note::musical_note: stay with us :musical_note::musical_note:


Hahaha! I’m not going away o!
In actual fact, I’m taking a day off to read all the gist I have missed


On a second thought, I think I am anonymous enough and there is no point going anonymous again in anonymity.
Almost all the ladies here have been mentioned. Especially the active ones. I am yet to see this one mentioned.
… she has eye catchy posts as they were debatable yet real. she’s one of them girls with innocent face but very pretty and charming. I always looked forward to her posts but her activities have been limited of late.
Ladies and gentulu men… My @Zegist cros… crush :smile:
but dont let it get to your head sha coz I wouldnt cheat on her😂


see what I said about her sarcasm game.

And your welcome for the unkind words :kissing_heart:


Awww… We will tell her…


Tell her you said? but she’d get the message on here. wont she?


Lool… we are all confidential :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Uncle! I look innocent? Oh that’s a first!
Thank you sir.

Ermmm! You can never be too anonymous sha! We can find out anything but then again we are all “confidential” here :beer:

You won’t cheat on your wife??? Ha! This is actually something people that cheats says.

What do I know? let me eat my :popcorn: and sip my :milk_glass:


@ganoris Olorun ni mofi be e oo Don’t reveal my identity. Is beg am begging oo



Hmmm why do I feel like you will cheat on her ? :confused: Ayam watching you.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: You pipu won’t kill me. See someone using anonymous is even scared of you…


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Just because I have retired in casting people…

All the plenty talk about me … Oun na lo to be… Mr Confidential Anonymous


Lol. I didnt say wife oh… I rephrased :smiling_imp:
Uncle! I look innocent? Oh that’s a first!
Thank you sir.

I have not seen this profile before. You just made me notice you sha… Maybe you can try me if i will cheat :joy:


Hey crush @theunofficialomotayo :heart_eyes:


The fear of Alhaja kekere is the beginning of wisdom. GOD forgive me.


@theunofficialomotayo This your recent DP is really working o… Your market is selling fast…