Great Gospel Music you should listen to


Cycles Jonathan McReynolds

This song talks about how the devil can make use of our mistakes to make go in cycles, not making any improvements.


MercyMe Beautiful

The audio single “beautiful” is from the American Gospel band “MercyMe”. The song was written by Carole King and released in 1999.


Channels of my spirit open up

Another song by Dunsin Oyekan is “Imole De”. If you have listened to “Kei Yadosh (Songs of Angels)”, you will definitely agree with me that the song is heaven-breathed. This piece of music “Open Up” is another revival song you need to listen to. May God minister to you expressly as you listen to the music. The lyrics is also available, if needed check below. God bless you.


“Grace” is a single released in year 2006 by Michael W. Smith. Michael W. Smith is an American gospel artiste. This single “grace” was released in his album “stand”.

The song “grace” reminds us of the power of the grace of God on us. We are nothing, only the grace of God keeps us standing. His grace saved us, His grace kept us. I pray you be blessed as you listen to this song in Jesus name, amen! Download “Grace” by Michael


“Dance With Me” is a single from Jesus Culture, a christian musical group. The single was released wayback in 2009.

The song passes message to some extent about a deep relationship with the Father. The song writer referred to God as his lover.


Jonathan McReynolds – Christ Representers ” was released in 2015 in his album, Life Music: Stage two. Jonathan McReynolds is an American gospel musician.

We are Christ representers as believers, we are meant to shine the light of Christ wherever we are. We are Christ representers.

I pray God ministers to you as you listen to this song.


Try ” is a song by Jonathan McReynolds, an American gospel artiste. “ Try Jonathan McReynolds ” is a bonus track in the album “ Make more room “.

The Bible says “ Work out your salvation in fear of salvation and trembling “. We have our role to play in standing in our faith in Christ.

I pray you will be ministered to as you listen to Try by Jonathan McReynolds. See below to download.


“Break every chain” is a single from the popular American gospel artiste, Tasha Cobbs.

This song tells about the immense power in the name of Jesus to perform wonders, breaking every chains. This song will sure do lift you up. I pray you will be ministered listening to the music.


“Everything” is a song from Lauren Daigle, an American singer in her album “Look up child”.

God keep providing everything we need each and every time. He keeps loving us always.

I pray you will be blessed as you listen to the music. See below to download.